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Forum Rules

Post by Dean Clayton » 08 Apr 2008, 18:11

Before we get to the actual rules, there's a clarifying statement to make: This is a semi-public place, meaning while the general public is welcome to visit and post here, actually this place belongs to the unstablemolecules.com. This is our turf, and as such you are here on our rules.
Nobody is forcing you to agree with these rules; you might consider them to be too strict or stupid, but they are there for a reason and not up for discussion. As long as you post here, you have to act within these rules, otherwise you'll have to leave. We are pretty sure you handle things just the same at your place.

a) Please read the Forum Descriptions and post in the correct section.
Is your topic a factual question on a backissue, or is it opinion-based, or maybe spoiler material? Don't just post in the first section you find, read through the Descriptions to make sure you find the one suited best for your topic. If you are unsure or it doesn't seem to fit in any section, then use "Shi'Ar Space".

b) Please use a clear subject line.
Other than just "a question" or "help please", use a clear subject line so that people will already know what the post is about without having to entirely read it. That way, you will also ensure that the people really interested in this subject will find it and answer your questions.

c) Please check the already existing threads whether the topic is already talked about.
There's no need to waste space by posting the same topics over and over again. Especially in the sections where you can talk about newly released comics, please make sure that there's only one thread per issue.

d) Stay on topic. Follow-up threads are allowed.
Try to stay on topic with your replies and responses. Sometimes though, several new angles might be raised within an already existing topic or it deteriorates too much and gets closed. In such a case, feel free to open a new topic in the appropriate place where the different element can be continued. Best you start with a link to the other topic, and a line like "Continuing the discussion about .... from this thread..."

e) No spamming / No topic-bumping
Spamming is not allowed on this board. Other than clearly off-topic things, posting the same post in different section of the board is also considered spamming.
Also, please use double/multi-posting sparingly (double-posting is when you make two posts in immediate succession in a thread without anyone else posting in-between). If you have something to add to your own post/thread, use the edit button. However, if you are responding to two completely different points, or if you have something to add to a thread after a long period of inactivity even though its final post was your own, you may double-post.
Finally, "topic-bumping" is not allowed either. Topic-bumping would be someone posting a reminder in their own thread after a certain while of no activity. You can't force people to answer your posts and questions; either they can't or don't want to reply. Imagine everyone bumping their topics — the board would be nothing more but a constant challenge to keep their threads on top.

f) How to handle spoilers.
Not everyone gets their comic books at the same time, so don't post any spoilers without an appropriate warning. Every information about newly released comic books is to be considered spoiler material for the first four weeks after the US release date (so roughly until the next issue comes out). There should already be a spoiler warning in the subject line of the topic, and utilize the spoiler function in the editor (that's the button marked "spoiler") in the actual topic.
Also, please limit it to only one spoiler per thread please. If you add another spoiler to the thread, then people wanting to avoid this second spoiler could no longer participate in the thread after the point where you added the second spoiler. If you think this second spoiler is relevant to the topic, then utilize the spoiler button or create a new thread and link to it. That way, people can chose themselves if they want to expose themselves to this second spoiler or not.

g) No name-calling and insulting.
Name-calling and insulting are absolutely not tolerated on this board and will get you banned faster than anything else. Neither on a direct, personal basis, nor through indirect implications "Whoever buys this issue must be the most retarded person in the world". It doesn't matter whether it is a fellow poster you insult, or some real life person that probably doesn't visit the board (creative teams of the books, politicians, etc.). As soon as you post something that would qualify as offensive towards some person's feelings it qualifies as an insult. That doesn't mean you can't criticize the things you don't like, or say something negative. Just make sure that you separate between a creator's work (writing, art) and themselves as a person.

h) No senseless and repetitive ranting.
As already explained above, you sure can criticize, but do so in an appropriate manner. The purpose of the current issue threads, for example, is to talk about the things specific to that issue. So, please don't post there show you still don't like writer X's writing or artist Y's portrayal of your favorite character. You can make a more general topic about it, and post your dislike there once.. There's no need to shove down your rant the other posters' throats every time a new issue comes out.   

i) No selling/trading of comic books on the board.
Basically that's what sites like Ebay are for. Unstablemolecules.com doesn't want to be held accountable for any deals between our posters, especially when they involve money. As soon as something goes wrong, someone would ask us to reveal the personal information of one of the users, but we can't and won't go there. If you really have to sell/trade any of your comic books here, then post about it in the Shi'Ar forum once. Responses to your message and everything else of your deals should be worked out through private messages between the users in question.

j) No advertising.
It's okay for established forum members to tell their fellow visitors about whatever other websites or board they might be involved with or link to videos, competitions, Facebook pages. However, quite often we find people registering an account just to plug their new message board/site/Facebook page. That's a No-Go, we will delete such plug posts and suspend the accounts creating them. Not that they'll ever notice, as most of these pluggers never return again.

k) No multiple identities.
It's quite obvious that this rule is partially due to banned users trying to worm their way back into the forum. However, we also ask our regular, welcome users not to post at the board under different aliases. It would be unfair to the other posters, as you could use the IDs to do some not so obvious topic-bumping, and also because you would have knowledge about the other visitors due to previous experiences with them, whereas they wouldn't recognize you as the same person.
If you want to change your username, get in touch with an admin and we'll sort it out. However, if you do so, please make it visible for everyone by featuring a signature line "previously known as 'xxx' " for a certain amount of time. Violations of this rule might result in both/all your IDs being banned.

Okay, that's it - using some common sense it shouldn't be hard to follow these few rules. We hope you enjoy your visits to our message board.

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