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"The Twelve" **Will contain Spoilers**

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"The Twelve" **Will contain Spoilers**

Post by Mastermind » 24 Oct 2012, 00:26

Hey Guys'

So I finished this last night. Now, to be fair as many people always say, there's a distinct and sometimes un-achievable challenge when writing the second/middle book of a trilogy.

I do agree with the majority of reviews that it wasnt as good as THE PASSAGE and that it did seem to lack the balance and suspense of its predecessor.

But Overall Im on board and will eagerly pick up the final chapter when its printed.

But I needed to TALK to someone about this .. to see if the quasi-spirital/heaven/dead characters parts were as missed on others as it was

seemingly on me

Mostly Im keen to know if anyone really understood the Wolfgast/Carter


So, Wolfgast was Carters "Familiar" - Generally Im all down for that. But I was extremely perplexed by the apparent? soul swapping Scenario

If it was indeed Wolfgast who took the bomb... he destroyed Carters body.

Okay.. So Anthony Carter/Wolfgast died? at least PHYSICALLY.

So as I understand it (though would have appreciate it being made clearer or explained).. Amy/Wolfgast/Jenny/Carter.. were all communicating on a Psychic Plane/Heaven/Afterlife

Its what the reviews seemed to decide and makes the most amount of sense of the situation I think

It appears AMY ( and indeed maybe all of the 12) possessed this ability to do it when still alive etc?

But as i understand it Carters Body and Wolfgasts soul were destroyed (yes, I know that Wolfgast when to proper afterlife paradise etc) but those two elements were destroyed?

AMY's body wasnt found and though not exactly clear re: Peter's last vision of AMY.. we can assume she is STILL on the mortal coil as well?

OR will do you think she might be manipulating situations from " The

Beyond" along side Carter?

(I know Im not making a lot of sense here either.)

Secondly for me was the stuff about FAMILIARS.. their making, their powers/influence

Lawrence Grey was MADE (bitten/killed) by ZERO

Greer was apparently AMY's Familiar. However I dont recall their being

anything particularly spectacular or notable about their first encounter or subsequent ones from THE PASSAGE. So whilst I was happy to accept this, I was a bit like " Okay, cool"

Wolfgast was another unexpected Familiar that was apparently forged

in the 20mins the two men might have had interacting with one another at Carters interview

Grey was bitten by ZERO therefore having his strand of the virus. Surely his 'many' ( Guilder, Lila and the Redeyes) should have been subject more to his will). Curious that Grey had any sort of immunity at all.

And I gather that Alicia finally started to succumb to the dark vampire impulses because AMY (her blood sister) was slowly and surely having to

fully embrace her vampiric nature in order to even the stakes in the final battle

Also was there some sort of symbolism of AMY's time as a teenage girl, getting in 'the boat'/ talking to Carter and emerging as a women?

As I said... I generally liked it. But I think there was a lot of stuff that just left me accepting it and appropriating what I was given to make it sort of work in my head.

Was anyone a bit confused like me?

Did anyone else Enjoy/Hate it?

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"The Twelve" **Will contain Spoilers**

Post by Mastermind » 24 Oct 2012, 17:58

Right. So no-one has any thoughts about it at all

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