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what are you reading?

Head over to the bookshelf and take your pick. We want to hear your thoughts on any past, present or future novels.
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Re: what are you reading?

Post by das_boot » 20 Mar 2019, 02:07

I’m about to start the Wheel of Time series for the first time, after being mocked for having never read it. Somewhat excited but also kind of ready to be underwhelmed due to the hype...
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Re: what are you reading?

Post by EphemeristX » 20 Mar 2019, 17:02

Ha, I've only read one of the books. And it was right in the middle. 13 year old me was so confused.

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Re: what are you reading?

Post by Magik84 » 21 Mar 2019, 20:48

Anyone read Becky Chambers Wayfarers series. I just finished "Record of a Spaceborn Few" love the world she's built.
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Re: what are you reading?

Post by Gibbering Fool » 22 Mar 2019, 08:12

I've just finished The Three Secret cities by Matthew Reilly. Does Matthew Reilly rate a mention in other countries? He's pretty popular here in Australia (his home country). I liken his books to the literary equivalent of a Streven Segal film though that undersells them a bit. They're full of ridiculous over the top action, and he always puts alot of research into his books, particularly the Jack West Jnr books, which are of ancient history

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