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Collectible back issues you own

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Collectible back issues you own

Post by MartijnB » 08 Aug 2017, 21:01

Whilst I never set out to be a collector of historical comic books (that and I am not exactly rich...), between some fairs and some second-hand shops I have come across some good deals that the fanboy that I am couldn't resist.

And I began wondering, what awesome back issues may my fellow members here have on their shelves?

The issues I myself am the proudest of:

Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 #18, January 1969
First silver age comic I bought. First appearance of the original Guardians of the Galaxy.

Avengers Vol 1 #10, November 1964
The Avengers are my favourite Marvel property and I dig having such an early issue. First appearance of Immortus.

Strange Tales Vol 1 #138, November 1965
First appearance of Eternity. A favourite of mine because it is in near mint condition, very much unlike the 2 mentioned above.

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Re: Collectible back issues you own

Post by grief » 08 Aug 2017, 23:25

My personal shining jewels are copies of Sigil #1, Mystic #1, Scion #1, and Meridian #1 from CrossGen Comics, all signed by their entire creative teams. I fell in love HARD with CrossGen when they started out and my folks got me this set for Christmas that year. Big thumbs up. I later managed to get Crux #1 and Ruse #1 signed by Mark Waid, and then Negation #1 and Route 666 #1 signed by Tony Bedard.

I also have X-Force #25 (Fatal Attractions tie-in) signed by Fabian Nicieza, Factor X #1 signed by Steve Epting, and Wolverine #62 (start of Get Mystique) signed by Jason Aaron.

In terms of first appearances, the most noteworthy I have (and as a fan of the character, that mean the most to me) are the first appearances of Apocalypse and Archangel. Although I did get the first appearances of Cloak & Dagger and Dazzler last year.
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Re: Collectible back issues you own

Post by Nu-D » 09 Aug 2017, 13:42

I got rid of all my floppies a couple years back, but I was always proudest of owning complete runs, more than of any single issue. I had a complete run of X-Factor v. 1, Classic X-Men, and Uncanny from 167 to AoA. If you added my Uncanny and CXM together, I had a complete run from GSXM to AoA. I also had complete runs of two dozen classic X-Men and Marvel Mini and maxi series.

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Re: Collectible back issues you own

Post by Spectral Knight » 14 Aug 2017, 11:45

As primarily a collector of first UK reprints, then trades rather than individual issues, my individual issue history is pretty thin.

However, I did go through a spell of collecting odd individual issues from a second-hand book dealer (£2 for five comics at the time!) - and my proudest ever own was Captain Britain Weekly #1. Complete with free mask.

Was gutted when it got lost in a house move.

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