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Marvel Patches

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Marvel Patches

Post by Pokeyoats » 28 May 2021, 03:49

I’m putting together a Disney backpack for when we are finally able to make it back to Disneyland and am looking for some help with my last open spot.

The backpack is covered with patches and pins from my favorite Disney rides, (Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Pirates, etc.), characters (Stitch, Muppets, Donald Duck, etc.), and Marvel Comics/ MCU characters. I have one opening in the Marvel section and am having trouble filling it. I’m looking for a ~3 inch patch and need ideas. I’d like to avoid patches centered on the following:

Captain America
Iron Man
Dr. Doom

No preference for MCU or comics inspired patches. I also am willing to have a patch made based on a picture. Villains are okay too.

Any suggestions?

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