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Carlos Pacheco

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Carlos Pacheco

Post by Cable » 09 Nov 2022, 20:47

Carlos Pacheco in September was diagnosed with ALS aka Lou Gehrig's Disease and now this week has died. As an artist he made many awesome comics including for us X-fans multiple issues of Excalibur, X-Men and Uncanny X-Men and minis for Bishop, Cable, and Starjammers. Go look at some of his great work and remember his legacy.
Best Comics of Week 46

X-titles: Gambit #5 by Chris Claremont (5) and Sid Kotian (4)
Non-X titles: Gold Goblin #1 by Christopher Cantwell (2) and Lan Medina (1)

In parentheses number of times creator had best comic this year

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Re: Carlos Pacheco

Post by Blackcyclops » 09 Nov 2022, 21:17

I loved his stuff. One of those late 90s-early 2000s artist who really got IT.
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Re: Carlos Pacheco

Post by Milkshake08 » 09 Nov 2022, 22:11

So sad to hear about this. He was truly a great.

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Re: Carlos Pacheco

Post by Spectral Knight » 10 Nov 2022, 15:29

Sad news, and far too soon at 60. RIP

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