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Benjamin Percy

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Benjamin Percy

Post by clayford » 10 Jan 2022, 03:20

Percy is the guest co-host of the latest episode of Connor Goldsmith's Cerebro podcast (episode 64: Arkady Rossovich). A lot of us have noted in the forums that both Wolverine and X-Force tend to bop around from story to story without ever really finishing an arc or having a full arc or how something will pop up and then go away and then pop up... Anyway, Percy tells Goldsmith that he's intentionally keeping all the balls in the air and rotating, and this idea of not having full story arcs but instead revolving back to things is how he's trying to keep interest. He also shares a little bit about what's coming with X Lives and X Deaths of Wolverine and talks about his thought process behind what's happened so far in X-Force and Wolverine.
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Re: Benjamin Percy

Post by MichaelWagner » 13 Jan 2022, 17:01

He was also on Battle of the Atom. Covered similar stuff, but enough to make it worthwhile to listen.

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