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X-Artists Rushmore

Level 05: For discussion on the writers, artists, editors and chiefs that help create the comics you read.
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Re: X-Artists Rushmore

Post by Cyke » 13 Apr 2018, 19:32

I would like to include Art Adams but his limited output is a negative for me.

I picked Alan Davis because he brought new facets to the franchise. Yes, he helped define Kitty for a generation but he also re-designed and re-defined Captain Britain equally as well. In fact, in catching up on his X-work and particularly Excalibur, I think his collaboration with Claremont is on par with the Claremont/Bryne pairing. With Excalibur, the pair introduced more humor, a new tone and a different style that allowed for more types of genres to be explored for the characters that expanded the overall franchise. His renditions of X-characters, while perhaps not as ground-breaking as say, Cockrum or even Lee, helped define a certain look for them for nearly a decade or more.
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Anna Raven
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Re: X-Artists Rushmore

Post by Anna Raven » 13 Apr 2018, 20:15

I probably give a little too much emphasis to artists whose styles I enjoy as opposed to creating designs....
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Re: X-Artists Rushmore

Post by Nu-D » 18 Apr 2018, 19:30

What about Sal Buscema. Wasn’t he the original artist on Wolverine? Any innovative designs from that run that have stuck?

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Re: X-Artists Rushmore

Post by Spectral Knight » 19 Apr 2018, 13:12

Nope, it was his brother John Buscema who worked on Wolverine. Sal did some great artwork and designs for the Avengers though, including the original Squadron Sinister, and a decent run on Spider-man too.
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