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Character Game Plan

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Character Game Plan

Post by Holland Oates » 05 Jan 2022, 18:51

A place to put your ideas out there for revitalizing a marvel character and/or franchise. If it's just a story direction that you want to take a character in, that's also on-topic. go wild.


Night Thrasher: Dwayne Taylor

I personally think that he'd benefit from some development outside of the New Warriors; at least as much as Robbie and Rich have received. And I think that Al Ewing has placed Dwayne in a pretty good position to grow (not to mention treated him very lovingly in his Contest of Champions book). Back to direction, keep the 3 X's affiliation. Adam Brashear and Jimmy Woo make great foils. Dwayne has always been action oriented so being out in the field exploring mysteries suits him. Woo and Brashear could do that too. But I see Woo as being someone who operates within established intelligence channels and outside of the US. Blue Marvel prefers his lab and watching from his underwater base (not to mention that he's more suited for investigating space-centric mysteries). Dwayne's adventures would mostly take place on American soil (including South America). And the missions would generally be something 3Xs-business related. For instance, he might have to break into a super villain auction to retrieve or destroy the [insert mcguffin] before Imus Champion can bid upon it.

Beyond that, this a great time to recruit some recurring sparring partners for Dwayne, dust off some limbo bound New Warriors rogues, and give him his own "Joker." To that end, I'd have the Folding Circle become the "Dreadknoks" to the 10 Rings' "COBRA." They'd send the Circle after Dwayne when he inadvertently disrupts one of their terrorist plots. As for Dwayne's "Joker," I see some potential in him coming into conflict with Kevin Trench aka Night Eater/Nightveil. The latter is just Machiavellian and resourceful enough to be a real challenge for Thrasher. But I think that he'd force Dwayne to level up and demonstrate his own resourcefulness. I'd also bring back Psionex...sort of. Genetech would be under new management; namely the seemingly impossible to kill ultra corrupt white collar villain Walter Declun. A few of the members of Psionex have found themselves to be the unwilling subject of further experimentation. Impulse is violent as ever and unable to stop moving (sort of like Blur from the Squadron (Jeffrey Walters version). Mathmaniac is like a small scale Molecule Man with a weakening grip on reality. And they are trying to sell Asylum on the black market, as a darkforce bomb. Fun times. There's room for plenty of other villains (Mad Thinker, Bloodshed, maybe Donyell recidivates & tries to align with the Thieves Guild this time). Anyways, that's some stuff I might like to see. I think, at his core, Night Thrasher is a lot like Vin Diesel's character in xXx (but better educated). He's an action junkie. I think his rogues gallery should reflect that. So characters like Air Force or Bluestreak's gang of rollerbladers make sense.

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