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Continuity of space events

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Continuity of space events

Post by Jindianajonz » 18 Aug 2021, 16:32

I've always been a diehard X-men-only reader, and picked up the Annihilation Omnibus a while back on a whim. I loved it, followed up with Conquest, and thought that was it. Later, I started getting interested in War of Kings because of it's tangency to X-men, and was surprised to learn that it (along with the prequel and sequel omnibuses) were effectively continuations of the Annihilation storyline.

Now I'm curious: where does the story go from here? I know everything eventually leads to Empyre, and now Last Annihilation, but are there any major story events in between that I should be aware of, or can I jump from Thanos Imperitive to Empyre without missing too much?

Also, are there any solid pre-Annihilation storylines that I should pick up? I tried the Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus, and while I liked the central series, all the extra Silver Surfer and other supporting books dragged on a bit much. Thanks!

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Re: Continuity of space events

Post by Blackcyclops » 18 Aug 2021, 16:51

It’s generally:

Annihilation Conquest
War of the Kings
Thanos Imperative

With Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova’s series as the ongoings during that period.

Then you had the Bendis Era, which was just Guardians of the Galaxy

The next event was that crossover with the All-New X-Men, then just GotG.

Then Secret Wars…

Once the universe rebooted, GotG was the sole title…

The next event that sorta concerned the GotG/Cosmic books was Infinity Wars and all of that stuff…

Then it follows Empyre, King in Black and now Last Annihilation.

Along the way GotG was the connective tissue between those stories.

There are other solos and minis to consider: Cyclops, The Legendary Star-Lord series, Rocket Raccoon series, Silver Surfer’s mini and I guess technically Venom.
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Re: Continuity of space events

Post by Monolith » 18 Aug 2021, 18:14

The first Thanos ongoing series is a bridge between the Infinity era and the Annihilation era. Literally the first 6 issues was written by Jim Starlin, issues 7-12 by Keith Giffen.

The Infinity era was:
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity War
Infinity Crusade
Infinity Abyss
Marvel Universe: The End
Thanos #1-6

Can't recommend War and Crusade, especially if the tie-ins annoyed you for Gauntlet. Abyss and The End were self-contained limiteds, though, so worth a read if you generally enjoy Starlin and the main Infinity Gauntlet series.

After Thanos Imperative, the Cosmic stuff was shelved until they rebranded the Guardians for the movie in Avengers Assemble. Can't recommend this era, either. Bendis is Bendis, and the various ancillary titles for Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Drax, Gamora, (Venom Spaceknight, Guardians Team-up, Guardians of Infinity, Guardians 3000.....) were all hit-or-miss and mostly miss. Definitely no connective tissue you'd need to understand.
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Re: Continuity of space events

Post by Jindianajonz » 18 Aug 2021, 20:31

Thank you both for the information and advice!

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