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Magneto's Bermuda Island and Marvel Fanfare #33

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Magneto's Bermuda Island and Marvel Fanfare #33

Post by nathanadler » 13 Jan 2019, 02:06

While it was later revealed that the Bermuda Triangle Island (that Magneto and the X-Men had both used as a temporary base) was connected to the N'Garai, in this issue we learn some interesting tidbits about it, including when Storm says:

"Horrible creatures inhabited the citadel and committed such unspeakable atrocities that the very stones radiate a primal malevolence which neither time nor effort can ever exorcise"

and Kitty then:

"Those ancients were weird, all right, but they were no dummies, I've been examining the statues -- they're not stone. It's some form of crystalline circuity matrix. They're devices!"

Given Kitty's suggestion above, she'd have undoubtedly connected it to the N'Garai so what were you proposing here?

The other time Claremont refers to crystalline matrix technology is the M'Kraan Crystal.

So does this finally resolve where the inhabitants of the city contained within the Crystal went?

That is, were the race that left the city inside the M'Kraan Crystal the same ones who had constructed the temple on the Bermuda Triangle Island?

Did he intend a Cthuloid race to have constructed the M'Kraan Crystal? Did they create the Crystal to contain Azathoth, and the Soul-Drinker D'Ken summoned one of its mindless, amorphous dancers (D'Ken a master of the black arts, a Shi'ar equivalent to Baron Mordo)? Which has now got me to wondering if you intended the Shadow King as Nyarlathotep ;)

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