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Storm's magical potential

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Storm's magical potential

Post by nathanadler » 09 Jan 2019, 08:13

Throughout Claremont's original run on Uncanny, he planted seeds that Storm was descended from an ancient line of African sorceresses, including Uncanny X-Men #160 and the Magik mini-series where the alternate Ororo whom Illyana and the X-Men meet in Limbo says she'd turned to her magical heritage when her weather-control powers faded with old age.

He built on this plot further in New Mutants #32 by revealing that this ancient line of sorceresses also possessed Storm’s trademark white hair and tampetumus eyes when he had the mystic Ashake aid Illyana and Dani after they teleport to Pharaonic Egypt while fleeing the Shadow King (Ashake telling them Ororo is her granddaughter many times removed).

Then, in Uncanny X-Men Annual 2006 he reveals that Ororo's mother, N'Dare's brother Shetani had rebelled against the tribe’s traditions, feeling discriminated against within the female-led tribe, suggesting that it's the females in the family that inherit the mystical power (the white hair and tampetumus eyes being the indicator manifesting every five generations). Her uncle Shetani, while bald, had brown eyes so while he felt discriminated against, if he didn’t have the mystical-carrying genes he couldn’t contain the power anyway (unless it came from the females being put forward over the males to consort with some mystical race).

Claremont has mentioned many times in the past to being a fan of H. Rider Haggard, so I expect his novel "She" is where Chris drew his inspiration for this idea from what with Ayesha being based upon the real-life dynasty of Rain Queens of Balobedu in South Africa’s Limpopo province.

In Steve Englehart's earlier Doctor Strange run - a run Claremont used as his set up for the Adversary's invasion – he revealed that when a Faltine and a mortal procreate, the product of this union results in the child having white hair and blue eyes, Clea being the lead example.

So has the secret to Storm’s magic ancestry been pointing to being an inherited trait from a Faltine ancestor all along?

In Marvel Team-Up #77 Clea's transformation into a Faltine magical energy creature was almost identical to the times we saw Storm’s powers out of control in Uncanny X-Men #147 & #172 respectively. Was it perhaps the Faltine who promised Storm to the Shadow King so long ago as he suggested in Uncanny X-Men #265?

Is it for this reason the Shadow King really wanted Ororo?

Was the "Bright Lady"* Storm was always referring to a Faltine goddess?

And was Ororo's tribe originally from Wakanda, and they had been exiled after the males claimed dominance over the Vibranium Mound (suggesting Claremont was heading towards the reveal of an original matrilineage for Wakanda, similar perhaps to a line of Sorceress Supremes that had been pushed to one side of the historical annals by the Ancient One, etc.)?

Was the Shadow King originally one of Wakanda's Demon Spirits?

*As for who the Bright Lady really was, Claremont revealed who she was much earlier in one of Marvel's B&W Magazines (but perhaps that's a post for another time ;)

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