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Consequence of eXtermination (SPOILERS FOR #2)

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Consequence of eXtermination (SPOILERS FOR #2)

Post by das_boot » 29 Aug 2018, 23:37

This thread WILL contain spoilers for what we’ve seen of the plot of the current eXtermination event. If you do not want to be spoiled, trot off and read eXtermination #2 before continuing. Fair warning.

Okay. So. It’s pretty clear that Young Cable is bent on returning the O5 back to their original time, and after the events of #2, it’s also quite clear that he’s going to undo everything that’s happened to them whilst they’ve been here, presumably also removing their memories of being in the present day. For this thought experiment to work, we have to take as a given that, the O5 have ALWAYS come to their future, have ALWAYS seen these events unfold, and have ALWAYS been returned with no recollection of their time in the future— for them to return to their own time and keeping their memories and alterations (Angel’s cosmic wings, Iceman’s actual ice-form/full knowledge of his sexuality, Beast’s knowledge of magic, Jean’s knowledge that she’ll die and be resurrected about fifty times a week, and Cyclops’ knowledge that he becomes a militant pseudo-terrorist figure before dying), means that upon their return to the past, the current timeline of the X-Men becomes fundamentally altered due to the O5 knowing how to avoid certain events, or successfully diverting the entire course of their future/our past. There would be fallout.

With all that taken into account, what do YOU see as a consequence should the O5 return entirely unaltered from their time in the future? I’ll start:

-Iceman returns to the past fully aware that he is a gay man. He no longer pursues Polaris, and is instead her shoulder to cry on when things get tough between her and Havok. Ultimately? He’s the one who ends up giving her away at her wedding to Havok. He has a few relationships but none so tumultuous as his on-off relationship with Northstar, which ultimately ends with Northstar meeting And marrying Kyle. Far more confident having not spent his entire adult life repressing his sexuality, he’s actually a far more capable member of the X-Men far earlier, and he explores the potential of his powers a lot sooner than in our time, having seen what his future self is only recently learning to tap into.

-As a result of this, Havok and Polaris leave the X-Men far earlier and start a family, but Lorna can no longer ignore the probability that Magneto is her father. They reconcile, with Wanda accepting her as a sister (because f*** that retcon), and Pietro just being somewhat ambivalent, outwardly, but actually equal parts happy he has another sibling, but annoyed that she has their father’s powers. Realising that he hasn’t lost everything as he thought he had, Magneto mellows somewhat, influenced by being around his family more— he’ll never be a hero, always occupying that “morally grey” area, but ultimately, seeing his children thriving and able to have children largely unmolested by humans makes him think that perhaps his fight is over.
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Re: Consequence of eXtermination (SPOILERS FOR #2)

Post by Blackcyclops » 30 Aug 2018, 00:04

Hmmm...part of me though feels that everything you say fits until you get to a more mellow Magneto...I think Magneto is still so fundamentally broken at that age and point in his life that I think that those events will make him better.

Instead, I think the O5 will actually end Magneto earlier and more permanently (following your scenario).
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Re: Consequence of eXtermination (SPOILERS FOR #2)

Post by EphemeristX » 30 Aug 2018, 00:54

-Beast doesn't risk using his experimental serum on himself. Blue furry Beast never happens. Instead, he seeks out other like-minded scientific heroes and joins the Avengers much earlier.

-Cyclops and Jean Grey don't end up together -- at least not as high school sweethearts. They've seen all of the baggage their relationship caused. If they do get together, it's later in life, and their relationship ends up much healthier for it.

-The X-Men do not go blindly to Krakoa. Being much better prepared, Xavier does not have to call on Moira's team. Petra and Sway live and Vulcan and Darwin do not end up in suspended animation.

-Cyclops and Havok meet Vulcan and make contact with the Shi'ar and the Starjammers during Lilandra's desperate escape from D'Ken. Vulcan does have his heel turn moment and murders D'Ken in revenge for the death of his mother.

-With the M'Kraan crystal and the fate of the universe on the line, Jean Grey finally accepts the help of the Phoenix, but on her terms.

-Jean Grey does not destroy the D'Bari. The Shi'ar trial is over Vulcan. Even though D'Ken was a maniac, he still committed regicide. Vulcan appears to commit suicide but instead vanishes into space where he meets up with Deathbird.

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