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Race/Ethnicities of Certain X-Characters

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Race/Ethnicities of Certain X-Characters

Post by ultimatekey » 24 Jan 2022, 16:26

This was inspired by a post I made on Monet's ethnicity a while back and a user was questioning about it.

Monet St. Croix is either Half-Algerian/Half-Black or Quarter White, Quarter Black, and Half-Algerian.

Monet's father is Afro-European (based on looks. he was born and raised in Monaco, in Europe.), however his father is white. Either that is his step-dad, foster dad (he was adopted into the family), or he is mixed (black and white).

Monet's mother is Algerian.

If you ask me, I think Monet's mother, is Berber.

Do any of you all have any statements or questions on the ethnicities/ethnic backgrounds of certain X-characters?

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Re: Race/Ethnicities of Certain X-Characters

Post by DCypher » 05 Feb 2022, 04:23

Scrambler, in the original Maurauders, was a character whose looks and ethnicity changed in his first few appearances. Maybe it wasn’t yet decided by Chris Claremont yet. Later it was revealed that he was Korean and then his features looked Asian.

On that note, Harpoon being Inuit was never that obvious either.

Pyro was clearly meant to be a Brit at first. Blob kept calling him “Limey” and not “Aussie”, but then the marvel handbook revealed he was Australian. I always felt he should be from England. And also it was often hinted at that he was gay, but it was never clearly stated.

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