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EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Level 10: In this section, people will argue about all x-related topics, such as certain character ages, continuity or the nature of the Phoenix. Newbies beware!
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EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by das_boot » 21 Jan 2024, 13:50

I’m bored and saw something similar on Reddit so here we go.

Brevoort has tasked YOU with assembling the new flagship X-Title. You get to state the concept, the writer and art team (if you want, I always forget to do the writers and artists bit even on my own challenges lol). However, there are some caveats.

Your roster may consist of up to twelve characters from the lists below:

2-3 of the following characters
Xavier, Cyclops, Jean, Emma, Wolverine (Logan), Storm, Emma, Magneto. The “Mount Rushmores” of the X-Verse if you like to see it that way.

2-4 of the following characters
Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Gambit, Iceman, Beast, Colossus, Cable, Domino, Betsy, Jubilee, Dazzler, Wolverine (Laura), Dani, Cannonball, Polaris, Havok, Northstar, Hellion, Pixie, Magik, Armor, Surge, Prodigy, Archangel, Mystique, Rachel, Bishop, Banshee, Madrox, Monet, Synch, Boom-Boom, Warpath, Sunspot. This is the “fan favourite” tier.

1-2 of the following characters
Forge, Sage, Kavita Rao, Cypher, Danger, Trinary, Warlock, Doctor Nemesis, Dr Reyes, Blindfold, Destiny. These will be your support characters who may or may not be on missions (you can choose)

1 character who fits the below criteria
A former/current villain or morally ambiguous character that you want to have a redemption arc. (They must not be in any of the above lists)

1 or more character who fits the below criteria
The protege/ingenue/character that you feel needs more spotlight or development (must not be in any of the above lists)

1 or more character who fits the below criteria
FREE PICK (as long as they aren’t on any of the above lists)

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Re: EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by hotknives » 22 Jan 2024, 09:17

Emma, Storm, Magneto
Kurt, Mystique, Dazzler,
Dr Reyes, Simon Hall (Neophyte)
Pixie, Sunfire

With Scott and Jean leading a new Xavier Academy, this is the team based on Krakoa (with Storm and Shiro splitting their time between here and Arrako).
Their public goal is as outreach - providing good PR, helping members of the public, and smoothing relations over following the fall of Orchis.
Under this cover, the team identify potential remaining Orchis outposts, and eliminate them - with Kurt, Mystique and Neophyte and Pixie providing a silent and deadly black ops team, and Storm, Magneto and Emma and Shiro appearing when the big guns are required. Dr Reyes serves as the medical officer to aid the public work the team are doing - but also patches up those injured on the undercover missions.
Dazzler is on tour - but uses this as an opportunity to seek out anti-mutant sentiment that can be addressed wherever she is - she's not just touring for the sake of her career, she's doing it for mutantkind...
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Re: EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by Spectral Knight » 22 Jan 2024, 11:00

Why is Emma listed twice?

Emma, Magneto, Rogue, Archangel, Gambit, Danger (on missions), Destiny (support only), Sabretooth, Skin, Doorman

A team of 'no-fixed-aboders' - they are very much a mobile, but primarily urban-based, unit, stripped off both the mutant assets and any personal wealth they might have, this is a team that's got to make do with what they've got. Something that suits some members better than others...It's also a team with little oversight from an Xavier or Scott type figure, which again, suits some members better than others...

Destiny is sort-of a 'steerer' - but how much she's playing this team to her own devices is going to be up in the air. Obviously, lots of inter-team dynamics I wanted to play with here where trust is a major issue, even if 'field effectiveness' on an individual level is high. This is the team that deals with the 'horror' of being mutants, and being X-Men, and all they confront.

Writer - Bendis. I know his X-run was hated. I hated it too... but this is an urban book, a bit nasty, and a bit rotten, and I honestly think this was his wheelhouse in his earlier writing.
Artist - Martin Simmons - I loved his work on Department of Truth and his work is definitely not mainstream superhero, which is precisely why I want him on board. This should look like nothing else on the shelves - visually distinct. Plus, I really wanna see him depict a Sabretooth rampage.

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Re: EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by Cable » 22 Jan 2024, 13:15

Orchis has been exposed as corrupt and the hero community join together to destroy them. In a cataclysmic event however the Avengers were sent to another dimension and Earth left with only the X-Men to save them from a massive extra-terrestrial threat. A new generation of X-Men now must now save a humanity that has hated them, hopefully forging a new way forward for a more united world.




Best Comics of Week 7

X-titles: Wolverine #43 by Victor LaValle (2), Benjamin Percy (3) and Geoff Shaw (1)
Non-X titles: Amazing Spider-Man #43 by Zeb Wells (2) and John Romita Jr (2)

In parentheses number of times creator had best comic this year

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Re: EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by das_boot » 22 Jan 2024, 23:08

Spectral Knight wrote:
22 Jan 2024, 11:00
Why is Emma listed twice?
Urm. It was a test? You passed? 😂
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Re: EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by Wings » 23 Jan 2024, 21:10

Category 1: Phoenix, Emma Frost, Storm

Category 2: Nightcrawler, Rogue, Surge, Prodigy

Category 3: Sage and Trinary

Category 4 : Black Tom

Category 5: Dust

Category 6: Tempus

We've entered into the second Krakoan age. Orchis has been defeated and mutantkind is getting settled to life on Earth again. After the failure of the Quiet Council, Krakoa moves to a democratic system. The X-Men, under the leadership of a Phoenix-empowered Jean Grey, move off the island and out into the world.

I'm imagining Jean as taking on the type of role as she would have if she had not died at the end of Morrison's run. Self-assured, at peace with her status as a host to the Phoenix and primed as a full successor to Xavier. World's most powerful telepath, world's most famous mutant. However, Jean's keeping secrets and running games. How to use her mutant powers wasn't the only thing Xavier taught her after all. One of her first big moves is to secretly assemble her own "Counter-Illuminati" to stop the more usual assemblage of exclusively male egos from causing too much damage. Not that she lets Emma Frost, recently inducted into that group as its sole woman member, in on that fact. Besides, Emma as the new CEO of the Phoenix Corporation, has plenty on her plate as the X-Men are forced to confront the deals they made with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin during their darkest days. Hellfire is his, he won't be giving it back to the White Queen without a fight. And his Inner Circle and Dark X-Men are certainly going to be keeping mutantkind's premier defenders busy...

Post Krakoa, Black Tom is trying to wean himself off the high that connecting to the island gave him and grab hold of his own mind again, but its clear that his time with Krakoa has affected him permanently. He's become militant in his views regarding environmental and climate related issues. Storm and Sage have been working with him under Jean's direction to deal with what she views as the most immediate threat to humanity and mutantkind on Earth with Orchis gone. But the X-Men may be creating a threat as big as the one they're trying to solve...And all the while Rogue and NIghtcrawler are dealing. Forced into close proximity for the first time in a while, Rogue can see that sparks are starting to fly again between Surge and Prodigy, reminding the Southern Belle of her own early flirtations with husband Gambit (who is at home with the cats, and thus not in this book). But what about Prodigy's relationship with the Young Avenger Speed? And through the trials and tribulations of mutantkind, Dust has been a never-ending quest to locate her mother Mira. But she is not the only young woman traumatised by family separation and war. As she and Trinary (working as a team coordinator and data-whiz alongside Sage) begin a quest to reunite families and end conflicts, how far will they be willing to take it?

In the background, we have Tempus, who pops in now and then to help out and give cryptic warnings, and confront Jean when she's feeling like she or her team is stepping out of line. After all she promised to watch Hank McCoy and failed at that entirely, she's not about to let an uber-powerful Original X-Man off the hook. But there's something else going on underneath surface when it comes to Eva Bell. Is she truly acting as mutantkind's altruist guardian angel? Or does she have her own agenda? (This is the X-Men, c'mon, of course she has her own agenda....)

For the creative team, hmm...

Writer: Gail Simone
Regular rotating pencillers: Elena Casagrande, Rebekah Issacs and Rachel Stott
Regular cover artist: Nick Robles
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
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Re: EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by grief » 24 Jan 2024, 03:04

I've got a whole pitch for a line of X-titles that I developed after reading this prompt, and I'll probably post that once I've cleaned it up, but I went WILDLY outside of the initial concept. So I'm pullling back and trying again.

1 - Jean and Cyclops ARE the X-Men. They represent those depths the X-Men can fall to, but also the heights that they can aspire to. I really liked the vibe that Duggan was developing for them during his run, before it got all Fall-of-X-y - with Scott and Jean still in love, still allied, but also okay with questioning each other about goals and motivations. That feels very real and I like that power dynamic. Jean is the philosophical leader of the X-Men, for the most part, guiding their ethos, their outreach, and their humanity. Cyclops is the tactician, directing the team in the field and pushing them to better themselves as warriors. Jean is back on the Quiet Council, having taken over Xavier's spot after his death and opens up Krakoa to humanity - both in living space and in government. She's hoping that some transparency helps to smooth over the hurt feelings that humanity has, make them feel more invested in the survival of the mutant nation. Scott is skeptical of this, but he has the X-Men to wrangle and threats to face.

2 - Sunspot is on the team for sure. He's here because of a strange discovery that was made on Arakko - that there was life on the planet previously - and it might not be gone for good. He's here investigating what happened to it, as part of a developing threat that we would see in whatever I'd call the next phase of X-Men Red. I also think he's a fun fit because he would ABSOLUTELY think of himself as the leader of the team, and make moves in that space, and occaisionally work at cross purposes to Cyclops. Sunspot's methods are so behind-the-back and emotionally manipulative that Scott doesn't know how to handle them, which just GETS HIS GOAT. I like Domino here too, for similar reasons. She's never really BEEN a mainstream X-Man, but MAN could they use some luck on their side. She's also smart, skilled with all manner of weapons, and has a deep world history that would both help and hinder them. I see her fulfilling the role of a Wolverine-type - she knows someone everywhere, but there is also a list a mile long of people who want revenge. I think she would also be more likely to trust and side with Roberto, given their shared history as former X-Forcers, which causes drama.

3 - I'll pick Forge all day. I like his wacky vibes under Duggan, but I also grew up with John Francis Moore and Howard Mackie's "Serious Forge" from the early 90s. I'll also take Dr. Reyes, because I loved the three late 90's weirdos (Reyes, Marrow, and Maggott) and I dig that she isn't in love with the idea of being a super-hero. She's the "normal person" of the group.

4 - Carmella Unuscione (new codename, Unbreakable) is my redemption pick. I've already been developing an Acolyte fanfic that would take place during the Krakoan era, so I'm currently in love with her anyways. She's the team's physical powerhouse with an attitude. Much like with Domino, she has skeletons in her closet that would come back to haunt her and help develop her as a character. She is perhaps the LEAST happy person to be on this team, as a former Acolyte of Magneto, but she's also motivated to protect her race, given how AMAZINGLY the X-Men failed during the Fall.

5 - I think that Death would be my next pick, the child of Apocalypse. The Horseman haven't gotten a LOT of development, but Death has gotten the most, and I think he needs to learn more about humanity. So he's more my wacky pick than anything. He's here to learn about Earth, and human society, and get to know our technology, food, and entertainment. I could see Death and Domino getting along great. As warriors, I think Cyclops and Death could bond.

6 - My free pick is the Blob. Blob all day. We need another physical powerhouse on this team and he has like, NO character or depth, despite existing since what, X-Men issue two? Let's see what this guy is like. And even if their are no great depths to plumb - cuz Fred sure does seem like a normal dude most of the time, maybe a jerk at his worst - then that's fine cuz this team needs that relaxing factor. I could see Bobby, Domino, Fred, and Death having a night out in Vegas and enjoying it, while Carmella and Cyclops are kind of dragged along and hating (but secretly loving) every second of it.

From a plot perspective, I would turn to other avenues. Given how much of mutant technology is based on plants and their manipulation, we would see threats like Plant Man acting as a representative for the Earth and fighting back. I see him attacking the krakoan flower fields in the Savage Land, forcing the team to weed him out of the dangerous environment.

Sunspot would be on Earth investigating whether the Martians have a presence there - and yeah, I'm talking the War of the World/Killraven style Martians. Ruins would have been discovered on Arakko by geologists and suggest that the Martians are hidden in the soil on Earth, waiting for the moment to strike. This IS true of most Martians, but some activated early and are manipulating things to their benefit - like warming the planet, building a power base, even enslaving mutants (who were tools of the Martians in Killraven's time). This is a big reveal/climax for me, so it would be building in the background for a minute. I see the X-Men, like, confronting a threat which they defeat, but the person who sent that threat into the field is an agent of the Martians, so on and so on.

I'd like to see Carmella wrestle with her views as a former Acolyte, a current X-Man, and how she handles new threats acting in Magneto's name - Acolyte's like Senyaka, Spoor, and Melloncamp, maybe Wildside from the MLF, who are bolstered by a) mutantkind declaring themselves "gods" and b) the pushback that humans are just judgmental, egotistical aholes. Mutantkind CHOSE to separate themselves from humanity, it was what ALL the humans wanted, and it STILL wasn't enough? So the Acolytes push back, perhaps led by a power that looks a LOT like Reignfire, who was perhaps recreated by the Martians as a tool.

Genesis would also rear her head, although I won't lie, I have no idea why or what she's hoping to accomplish. OH. I would definitely do something with Brimstone Love, although I just thought of that and have no plot in mind. But I grew up on X-Men 2099 and since the Marauders introduced him, I'd play with that.
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Re: EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by AntiBody » 24 Jan 2024, 18:37

I love this idea!!

My team: Emma, Magneto (the Mount Rushmores), Havok, Sunspot, Monet, Northstar (the fan favorites), Unuscione (villain), Reyes (support), Anole (the prodigy), and Frenzy!

Honestly, I picked my faves lol. I wanted Banshee and Dazzler on there, but no room, alas.

I see this team as continuing the wonderfulness of Krakoa, but also making efforts to branch out into the rest of the world, not unlike Duggan's X-Men teams, but also mix them with standard Uncanny teams in which they're fighting for mutants too. Emma and Sunspot can fund the team. I'd like to see Anole and Northstar get past some of their issues. I'd like to see Emma and Northstar get close too. I'd like for Alex to find some success in this team and build his damn confidence a bit. I'd like to see Emma and Monet have some conflict but eventually rise above it. And I'd love for Frenzy and Unuscione have some moments where Frenzy is kind of coaching/mentoring Unuscione in transcending their pasts.

Thanks das!!
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Re: EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by grief » 25 Jan 2024, 01:19

AntiBody wrote:
24 Jan 2024, 18:37
I love this idea!!

Honestly, I picked my faves lol. I wanted Banshee and Dazzler on there, but no room, alas.
I see Banshee as a new member of X-Factor, given his Interpol background, which is why I didn't put him on my team. But I grew up with Generation X and I think Sean deserves more love, DANGIT.
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Re: EDITOR X— The new flagship!

Post by shrmntnk62 » 25 Jan 2024, 18:18

Tier 1
Cyclops, Storm, Magneto.

Tier 2 Damn, this one is tough. I could easily just fill a book with 12 of these characters.
Rogue, Gambit, Colossus, Havok,

Tier 3
Forge, Sage

Tier 4 Former Villan
After reading the updated spotlight I'll go with Abe Kieros

Tier 5
If I can use Firestar here I'll go with her. I always thought she was a cool character. I love what they're doing with her now but I don't recall her getting much attention.

Tier 6

My idea is pretty open and is a basic idea to build from. Apocalypse's corpse is discovered. The team investigates his murder. It turns out he was killed by Red Skull who stole the Death Seed and created his own group of Horsemen to enslave/ destroy the planet.
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