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Frank Tieri's Weapon X series

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Frank Tieri's Weapon X series

Post by Jindianajonz » 07 Sep 2022, 17:41

I've noticed a few mentions of this series lately, and usually not in a favorable way. I'm not sure if its just poor or problematic, but it wasn't something I noticed on my read through. In fact, when I came back from my first Comic Dark Age and tried to collect everything between Onslaught and House of M, this series was one of the few high points in my eyes. I wasn't really keyed into any damage the series may be doing to its characters, and anything that got me out of the late 90's "X-treme Xaniness" was appreciated, even this murky grimdark dystopia.

So what are y'alls thoughts on this series?

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Re: Frank Tieri's Weapon X series

Post by Blackcyclops » 07 Sep 2022, 18:13

It started okay but given the range you’re talking (which includes Morrison’s run, OG Exiles, and PAD’s start ), it was definitely overshadowed by much better work.
So on one hand we have the existence of a being who can reset the entire timeline, destroying everything…, and on the other hand we have a few mind wipes and some gaslighting. You're right, totally evenly weighted.

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Re: Frank Tieri's Weapon X series

Post by grief » 07 Sep 2022, 20:27

I really enjoyed the oddball cast - Sauron is a personal fave, Sabretooth is a great bad guy, and I've always liked Marrow. And while I was less than thrilled with how they were treated at times (and other characters like Aurora, Agent Zero and Wild Child more so), I gotta say, I was interested through the whole run. Malcolm Colcord was a fascinating new bad guy too. Adding in Chamber was a clever move, but it did totally shift the tone and focus of the book. The ending arcs, with Fantomex and Wolverine, were the least interesting to me, but I get why they tried it.

If I have any problem, it's that I have never cared much for Georges Jeanty's artwork, so the first half of the book just doesn't look very good to me.
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Re: Frank Tieri's Weapon X series

Post by BardicOne » 20 Sep 2022, 01:21

Once we got the Coup and Jackson taking over, the series fell apart for me. Then you had the sudden ending/cancellation because of M-Day. To me the best part was the pre-series proper era. The hints of it in Wolverine, the Draft one-shots. New Book Hype at it's best. It felt like they were doing something that frankly, could have been the backbone of the entire X-Line. That lineup could have been a villain team that set off a big crossover event. Like guerrilla warfare mixed with O:ZT undertones.
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