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Re-Examing Moira X and her Place in Continuity

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Re: Re-Examing Moira X and her Place in Continuity

Post by Spectral Knight » 27 Jul 2022, 10:35

What has that got to do with Moira or the way Wanda's powers worked in respect of Moira?

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Re: Re-Examing Moira X and her Place in Continuity

Post by norwichchris » 27 Jul 2022, 14:15

Well with respect to Moira's powers they are on a Genetic/Cosmic level as she 'resets' the entirely reality where as Wanda's simply altered reality to suite her desire so the Moira in the HOM actually could have been Moira X but had her memories altered by Wanda's Hex powers to fit into the new reality.

It would depend is Moira essentially a normal human being or does she have either cosmic/resistance to Magic as well? she remembers all of her previous lives resets everything including magical based beings. So its possible the warp didn't affect her and she may have been aware of what had happened.

Does her powers affect dimensions linked to her universe? such as Limbo or the Dark Dimension? this would imply she has some control over Magic as well or others would have become aware of her powers.

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