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Destiny and Alysande Stuart

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Destiny and Alysande Stuart

Post by nathanadler » 07 May 2022, 00:50

While we can never be sure of Chris Claremont's original suspect for Destiny's murder in Uncanny X-Men #255, and Legion transmitting Irenie's dying moments into Mystique's mind telepathically six panels after appearing to block her path to Moira's lab does raise a hint of doubt (page 15, panel 6), it is highly likely he did this knowing it would immediately throw Raven's focus off in the battle, since recall four panels after that subsequent scene/ panel Pyro's flame is suddenly snuffed out as David appears on the mound overlooking the battlefield smirking (page 16, panel 2-4). The only other pyrokinetic on the island was Legion, through Cyndi, so Jack Wayne had to be using all the personality's powers to taunt Freedom Force/ give the Reavers the upper hand. Was he doing it because they were there to protect Moira, whose therapy he resented (as would likewise become apparent with another of her earlier patients, Magneto, in X-Men #3)?

There are obvious discrepancies though, namely:
a) Alysande Stuart and Amanda Sefton's absence for the entirety of Uncanny X-Men #255 (while Colonel Reese refers to their imprisonment, page 5 panel 5, we do not see their release at the end of this issue or subsequent ones)
b) The Brigadier's (appreciated) phone call to the Shadow King-dominated Moira in Uncanny X-Men #278 to provide intelligence (page 8, panel 3)

A further discrepancy, or perhaps two when it comes to Legion, is if Jack Wayne had successfully asserted his dominance of Legion in Uncanny X-Men #254 through to #259, why does he present more in character with David's personality (i.e. nervous compliance) to Moira's request in #259, not a hint of Jack's mannerisms or mood sneaking through here (page 15, panel 4) as appearing to have occurred in particular in #255? This might suggest Jack hadn't obtained full dominance and the telepathic vision of Destiny's death he sent to Mystique in #255 (page 15, panel 6) was actually to warn her.

This might further suggest Alysande heading to Muir Island in #253 was a ruse. That is, why consider Muir Island as a location Excalibur and her brother Alistaire went to when she was present in Excalibur #11 as they had boarded a train from an alternate timeline? So had she in fact broken free from the Reavers' imprisonment in #254 (page 20, panel 4-5) and the Jack Wayne-dominated Legion was not the individual responsible for Destiny's death?

Further, if she is Shadow King's thrall from at least #253 through to #278, that would indicate she was when Mesmero attempted to attack her in Excalibur #34 (page 11 panel 3-4). While it's later considered the potential shown in her alternate counterpart, Caledonia (introduced in Fantastic Four v3 #9), made her impervious to Mesmero's power in Excalibur #34, it seems more likely it is because of the Shadow King (page 11 panel 9). If this is the case though, it is interesting that Alysande was bold enough to openly reveal this to him (page 11, panel 4). But given Mesmero was working on behalf of Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker (page 18) who were also being manipulated by him (Uncanny X-Men #260, page 17 panel 5), an explanation is required why a Shadow King-controlled Alysande would become so aggressive toward an ally of another of his thralls!?

If Alysande was Shadow King's thrall, it raises the further question of when exactly she became so. That is, are there hints in any of her earlier appearances, e.g. Mojo Mayhem, or perhaps even as far back as her first appearance (Excalibur #6)?

It is also worth noting that the conclusion of X-Men: True Friends #3 is set during the window of Sandy's servitude (since it was originally written as Excalibur Special Edition #3 for publication in 1990), and recall how heavily involved the Shadow King was in that particular plot against Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, was Brigadier Stuart's attendance at Holyrood House in this issue two-pronged? Heck, was Alysande perhaps even a descendant of the House of Stuart and the Shadow King had gotten his hooks into her family's line and she was groomed early on to be his agent inside the British Army and beyond?

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