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Cut Diamond: Who's The Real Emma Frost

Level 10: In this section, people will argue about all x-related topics, such as certain character ages, continuity or the nature of the Phoenix. Newbies beware!
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Cut Diamond: Who's The Real Emma Frost

Post by InsipidLust » 06 Feb 2018, 19:37

While I've had my doubts about Emma's uneven characterization over the years, this author makes some solid points that I can appreciate. I think he's giving the writers maybe a little too much credit here (I think many of them are leaning more on the woman driven crazy by love trope more than they are leaning on a more nuanced take on Emma which the character always requires to be well done imo), but it's still pretty interesting:

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Re: Cut Diamond: Who's The Real Emma Frost

Post by Magik84 » 10 Feb 2018, 17:36

It's a bit like a no-prize, fans can make sense of any random characterization! I'd be happy to take this explanation of Emma.
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