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Magic Order

Posted: 13 Dec 2018, 19:49
by Crutey Anth
Anyone reading this?

Its Millar's usual stuff where he just writes amazing ideas.


In the space of 3 pages a magician flips a car giving a henchman brain damage, turns back time and threatens them with restoring the time-line they were just in (and he can only turn back time once). Then they trap him in Robinson Crusoe flicked forward through the book and went in to find him starving to death as a method of torture.

Just clever stuff.

Re: Magic Order

Posted: 20 Dec 2018, 17:12
by Mr_Mayhem
I read this based on your recommendation and I actually like it. My only issue is that I'd like the story to slow down a little and do more world building.

Re: Magic Order

Posted: 04 Jan 2019, 10:39
by Crutey Anth
I think Millar does that in his style though- 6 quick issues with world building in the margins/characters and cool moments being the main focus