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New 52 Earth-2 - yay or nay?

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New 52 Earth-2 - yay or nay?

Post by grief » 20 Feb 2016, 00:36

I was organizing my comic collection this past week and, while stumbling through my DC stuff, I decided to reread what I have of Earth-2. I really enjoyed James Robinson's time on the book - I liked the world building, I like his take on the characters, and I LOVE Nicola Scott's artwork. But I fell off shortly after Tom Taylor took over, partly because it felt like he ditched most of the cast I just grew to like and the book ended up going weekly. But as I was scanning DC's latest solicts, Earth-2: Society was still going and I kinda caught myself being interested.

Did Taylor's run end up working out? Is Earth-2: Society worth reading at all?
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