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Crutey Anth
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Post by Crutey Anth » 28 Jan 2016, 18:11

Anyone else a fan and fancies discussing the Millarworld books i.e. Kick Ass, Superior, Chrononauts, Huck, Jupiter's Circle etc

I know he sometimes comes in for some flack and criticism but I find his books immensely fun to read and just have the right level of 'tropey-ness' with the right twists too

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Re: Millarworld

Post by EvilMonkeyPope » 29 Jan 2016, 11:16

WANTED is my favorite.

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Re: Millarworld

Post by tokenBG1009 » 29 Jan 2016, 13:14

Wanted and Kick Ass were both super fun titles. Huck looks like it might be good as well though.
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