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Archie 1

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Archie 1

Post by Cly » 21 Jul 2015, 00:24

Ever since my mother bought me my first Jughead Double Digest in the fifth grade I've been a huge Archie fan. From the regular comics and digests to Afterlife with Archie and Archie's Weird Mysteries I've yet to meet a form of the Riverdale gang I didn't like. So when it was announced that Mark Waid and Fiona Staples were relaunching Archie, I knew I had to check it out. While I'm not extremely impressed with the first issue, there's a lot there to love and plenty of potential to be great.

To start out Archie (and by the way Fiona, I'm digging his new hairstyle) introduces us to Riverdale. We see both old characters like Dilton and Reggie and new ones like Trev and Raj. Archie explains to us that he and Betty Cooper have "been a couple since kindergarten. Until last week. Until the lipstick incident. Which we both swore not to talk about. So don't ask. Because everyone's asking." We don't know what the incident is yet, but Betty did confirm that he didn't cheat on her. Two ladies I didn't recognize and Kevin Keller try to pry the reason for the break up out of Jughead.
Pause for editorial: Mr. Waid, I don't like what a walking, talking stereotype Kevin is here. All gay men are not Damian from Mean Girls.
Anyway, our three nosey teens try to set it up so that Archie and Betty become Homecoming King and Queen and thus get back together, because if there's no hope for them then there's no hope for anyone. They work hard, and would have succeeded if it wasn't for the intervention of Jughead. Jug, being, as always, smarter than he looks, knew that the real way to get them back together is to make them realize how much they miss each other. We'll see if his plan worked. The issue ends with a bit more light breaking of the third wall (nothing She-Hulk level) and a teaser that Veronica Lodge is just around the corner.

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Re: Archie 1

Post by Quick and Dead » 24 Jul 2015, 22:25

Archie digests were the first comics I ever bought so he holds a special place in my heart as well.

I thought this was perfect. The dialogue and art just flowed so well together. It's a shame that the generation we live in doesn't really have room to appreciate this sort of romance/teen drama comics anymore. I feel like the majority of people who enjoyed this are like you and me, just getting nostalgia kicks.
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Re: Archie 1

Post by Blackcyclops » 25 Jul 2015, 02:59

They thrive in manga circles tho...so there is an audience for it.
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Re: Archie 1

Post by grief » 25 Jul 2015, 15:52

During a promotion with ComiXology, I got Afterlife with Archie and...erhm...the one with two stories, where he married Veronica and then one where he married Betty? They were actually really interesting reads. Despite not following Archie, they were easy to jump into, the characters were interesting to read, and the over all stories were pretty well done. The art was my biggest turnoff - it all just looks so cut-and-pasted. And the coloring was pretty poor as well.

I fully intend to pick up this new breed of Archie though, just been low on funds.
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