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Red Mass For Mars

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Red Mass For Mars

Post by AntiBody » 05 Nov 2014, 20:20

Read this one today, and LOVED IT. Definitely saw some themes carry over into Hickman's F4/FF and Avengers work. This one was much easier to follow than Pax Romana (which isn't a good or bad thing - they're completely different stories).

I like how Mars's origin is never really explained. I thought he was such an interesting character. He's told so often that he's pretty much a god that he starts acting like one. He's a very realistic portrayal of Superman. There's a lot of Mars in Hyperion too (who of course is also an analogue of Superman).

Loved The Benefactor too, especially when he was so uncomfortable around Mars, due to his powers being canceled out.

And Lightbender. MAN. And the Hun-Du really creeped me out for some reason.

All in all, so great!!
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