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Big Trouble in Little China #2-5 (Spoilers)

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Big Trouble in Little China #2-5 (Spoilers)

Post by Abaddon » 30 Oct 2014, 02:00

Finally got caught up on this!

A brief synopsis:
Quiang Wu captures Wang Chi, so Jack, Egg Shen and Pete the demon head out to retrieve the 3 spirits. Egg opens a portal to the Black Road in the Hell of the 7 Faced Widow....I wish I was friends with a wizard who also owned a Chinese restaurant! Once there, they ask for directions and Egg desecrates a temple and steals salted duck eggs from Chinese monkey demons. Meanwhile jack brings us up to date on more of his ex-wives....the vampire skank was pretty funny, the evil gypsy was just weird.

Jack and friends arrive at the home of the 7 faced widow and Pete vandalizes a statue with his ass...damn I love this guy! Farther on, they find the 7 faced widow and she is ugly as sin....wait, I think I just insulted sin. Anyway, Jack is able to outwit her and simply walk off with the 3 jars with 3 spirits because he's and idiot and her mind tricks don't work on him.

The monkey demons jump Jack outside, but he and Pete beat them up and they arrive in time to save Wang...but of course they screw it up and Lo Pan is revived (who did NOT see this coming....seriously.) Also, the book takes a weirdly serious tone as Jack remembers his 1st wife.

Lo Pan is mighty pissed, he was banished to "the hell of those killed by idiots" which is actually worse than "the hell of the horny dragon" and "the hell of those condemned to explain insurance to illiterate morons with attitudes" (my day job). Pete reverts to evil so Jack, Egg and Wang have to fight their way out and flee. Lo Pan is an evil spirit again and can't be harmed so Egg goes into hiding with Miao Yin while Jack and Wang try to lure the Wing Kong away....but the get in a bar fight.

Overall, I'm loving this book.

Not sure how I feel about Lo Pan being back. Yes, he's bat @#$^ insane and good for a laugh....but now we're dealing with exactly the same plot as the movie. Un-dead horny sorcerer & minions pursuing Miao Yin....again. I thought Pete was funny as hell, but he was being used as a Deus Ex in every fight so maybe its for the best that he's Lo Pan's servant again....IDK.

Only real issue I have is in #4 when Jack thinks about his 1st wife. It wasn't a bad, or poorly written scene....far from it, but it seemed out of place in this book. The story works for me because it's funny and ridiculous....I didn't particularly want to be reminded of real life reading it.

If ya'll are still reading, what did you think?

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