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Punisher Kill Krew #4

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Punisher Kill Krew #4

Post by Cable » 24 Oct 2019, 14:30

Continuing the improbable team-up of Punisher, Juggernaut, Black Knight, and Foggy Nelson

Full Spoilers:
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Black Knight is slaying dark elves in Svartalfheim when the Kill Krew show up in their van. After showing Dane the drawings, he joins their cause. They travel around the cosmos killing off the monsters one-by-one, sharing some meals and gathering some loot for the orphans along the way. Finally Kasyckla is the last name left. The Kill Krew fight their way into his bunker on Nidavellir but find the giant has some serious heavy artillery. The Kill Krew are knocked out and Frank captured. Nelson gets in the van and gets the hell out of there while Kasyckla prepares to cook and eat the Punisher.
This is a blast to read because you can tell Duggan and Ferreyra are having a lot of fun doing this mini. It is ultra-violent and yet hilarious. The art looks fantastic (and that Shining homage a classic.) It probably isn't for everyone but I find this book ridiculous in all the best ways! I can't wait to see how these lunatics get out of the jam they are in.
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