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Miles Morales Spider-Man #250

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Miles Morales Spider-Man #250

Post by Cable » 13 Sep 2019, 17:39

Or issue #10 of this volume if you prefer

Full Spoilers:
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The monstrous Green Goblin breaks into ESU and slashes the guards. He is praised by a mysterious partner who says to grab what they need and burn the rest. Meanwhile Miles Morales is at home and has not put on his spider-suit since the ordeal with the Assessor. But today is his birthday and he is celebrating with his parents. He takes a walk with his father who is understanding of Miles needing a break from superheroics. But Jefferson wants to talk about something else and that is he finally tells Miles why his last name is Morales: because Jefferson and Aaron's father was not a good person and maybe if Miles got a different name he could get the clean start that they did not. They return home with a birthday cake and Judge stops by briefly to give Miles a present. Ganke also shows up to join the festivities. Miles then hears a crash upstairs and finds Peter Parker Spider-Man has come crashing through the window. Pete gives him a birthday card but is also here to inform him about the break-in at ESU and similar ones on a particle physics lab and a tech firm in the area. Parker is too busy to attend to this and so entrusts it to Brooklyn's Spider-Man. Miles works up the courage to put on the suit again and investigates the lead Parker gave him. He finds a weapons lab and gets ambushed by Green Goblin. Miles feels like he knows this monster but the memory is fuzzy. After a big battle it ends with Miles getting smashed by Norman's partner, who turns out to be called Ultimatum. Green Goblin wants to finish Miles but Ultimatum insists they just leave right now. After he gets up Miles finds no clues at the lab and so has to return home late that night. His parents and Ganke sing him Happy Birthday, having stayed up to wait for him. We then see an epilogue where Ultimatum is meeting with Mayor Fisk. The mayor says he is sorry Ultimatum did not find what he was looking for in that other world but there is a place for him here. Ultimatum just wants to get back to running the streets and Fisk agrees that his leadership of certain elements could be a stabilizing force. Ultimatum thanks Fisk and then removes his mask to let the mayor know he can always just call him Miles Morales!

There is also a back-up story detailing the origin of Starling, who is actually the granddaughter of the Vulture.
There are pluses and minuses to the big 250 issue. Pluses are that Ahmed plays to the strengths of Miles Morales Spider-Man (and honestly most Spider-books) by featuring his strong supporting cast. The writing is well done through the narration of Miles and the talk with his father. And that talk is an interesting juxtaposition with that big last page reveal! I look forward to seeing just what this version has been through.

The minus is I am not a fan of continuing to push more and more elements of the Ultimate Universe into the main MU. And here now we have another Norman Osborn running around. I will say though that Garron does a heck of a job drawing the character though.

The back-up story was surprisingly good with Starling immediately becoming a more interesting character in Miles's life.

The biggest news of the issue comes in the letters page though! I was pleased to see a fellow fan echoing my feelings that there is a serious lack of Goldballs in these pages. The response from editorial was telling us Goldballs has a big part to play in Hickman's plans for the X-Men! Could Fabio be the key to it all?!!
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