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Loki #2

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Loki #2

Post by Cable » 16 Aug 2019, 16:37

Continuing the tale of Loki, King of Jotunheim

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Loki shows up at Stark Unlimited and Tony is not happy to see him. Stark activates a device that restrains Loki and points a giant gun in his face. Loki says he is just looking for advice and that Thor sent him. Stark agrees to hear him out. We then see what happened immediately after last issue: Thor reads to Loki his story from the Halls of the All-Knowing and points out how Loki gets a happy ending. Loki is not impressed with his fate as ruler of the blistering cold land of frost giants. Thor wants him to see what a gift it is that they together broke the cycle of Ragnarok. Loki no longer needs to be God of Mischief or Chaos. Or stories Loki adds since his is over. What is he supposed to be he asks and Thor says they both shall be kings! Loki says he also wants to be in the Avengers -- Thor responds by laughing his ass off. Back to Loki and Stark and the trickster lies and says that Thor's response was to ask Tony. We then get an interlude where a woman named Megan Loeb is having a nightmare. THE Nightmare is present and Megan says he can't hurt her because she is just dreaming. He steps into the physical world and makes her life a living nightmare by seeming to undo her ever meeting the woman she is married to. He then turns into an owl and flies off to get revenge on Loki. Back to the titular character, who is turned down by Stark for Avengers membership. Loki tries to appeal to the fact that he took down the illegal casino airship but Tony is not impressed and says if Loki truly wants to prove he is worthy then he can show up carrying his brother's hammer. Loki agrees, pockets a Stark phone, and teleports out to the park where an owl is watching him. He then reveals he didn't tell Stark the whole story. After Thor laughed and told him he could not be in the Avengers, Loki was left alone in the library. There a cosmic being spoke to him, questioning who he is and if he wants to find out. Loki does want to and ends up sucked into a portal where he sees the entirety of his life so far. He then wakes up and is greeted by a boy and a girl who welcome him to the House of Ideas!
I thought this issue was much better than the first. It more clearly lays out the sort of direction this book will go in. And it looks like it will resemble the vibe of Ewing's excellent Agent of Asgard series. I mean I am sort of conflicted about playing with House of Ideas concept from No Road Home, which served a very specific meta-purpose there, but it can't be denied that it fits very well within the idea of Loki as God of Stories as he has at times been called. Through the first two issues Kibblesmith seems to want to play with many story bits others have introduced and I am excited at the possibilities of where he could be going. And Loki seeking to become an Avenger is so nicely full circle from where he began. I wonder if he actually pulls off handling Mjolnir at some point or if there will be trickery involved (it is Loki after all). And if Loki joined the Avengers where could he go from there? He seems never satisfied with anything, which I guess is why he is also the God of Chaos.

The scene with Nightmare was horribly depressing. That is how you set up a villain that you want people to loathe! Although I also was under the impression he could not so strongly effect the real world in that way. I wonder if that will be explained...
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