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Ironheart #9

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Ironheart #9

Post by Cable » 15 Aug 2019, 15:31

Ironheart and Shuri team-up issue!

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Riri contacts Tony Stark about wanting to go to Wakanda to find the Wellspring and he arranges the trip for her. She arrives and is greeted by Shuri. She gets right down to talking about the Wellspring and Shuri thinks she has a lack of manners and respect and an argument between the two ensues. Shuri doesn't think this Wellspring could be in Wakanda and she not know about it. They get interrupted by an earthquake and see the city is under attack by shadow monsters rising from the ground. They defeat the monsters but there is much damage to the buildings and they team up to rescue civilians. They bond through their shared heroics and agree to help each other. Riri tells her where the map showed the coordinates being and Shuri says it is in the Jabari-lands. Riri's AI then alerts her that someone else is present. They see a moving shadow but before they attack it reveals itself to be Silhouette! The sister of Midnight's Fire knows her brother and Ten Rings are after the Wellspring but she wants to help the heroes.
We get the usual "misunderstanding -- fight mutual threat -- gain understanding of each other" formula necessary for all classic hero team-ups. I must admit I was amused by Riri's total burn of Shuri #teamironheart But I feel a little too much effort is made here to make Shuri resemble the young movie version of the character. She actually scoffs that there could be a "mystical" wellspring and then Riri says this is outside of her comfort zone because she is just into hard science stuff and Shuri agrees she is too. Shuri who walks in the spirit plane of dead ancestors. She's skeptical of mystical stuff. Seems legit...

Fortunately what is a poor issue is saved by the always trusty last page reveal. Ever since Midnight's Fire has made an appearance there has been speculation as to whether his sister would also pop up and now we finally get it. I hope she sheds some more light on his motivations in being part of Ten Rings.
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