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Immortal Hulk #22

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Immortal Hulk #22

Post by Cable » 09 Aug 2019, 16:57

We are finally getting to the endgame. How is it going to go down?

Full Spoilers:
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On the Alpha Flight space station Puck is wondering why Sasquatch has not revived like Doc Samson did. Samson is then angrily confronted by Titania and Crusher Creel who think that he knows where Banner is and is protecting Hulk despite the lives it costs. Puck places Langkowski in suspended animation and then takes the lead to confront Fortean. Speaking of whom, Dr. McGowan is freaking out that Fortean has bonded with the Abomination. He is bleeding from his nose but dismisses the side effects and insists they must use this weapon. We then cut to the former host, Rick Jones, who is lying desiccated in a hotel bathtub while being watched by Betty. Banner knocks on the door and she appears to him in her monstrous form and refuses to change from it. He says he can't handle this and then slides into his Fixit personality. He goes to check on McGee and she questions why he keeps her around. He tells her Hulk likes her because she is scared but still gives him crap. She wants to know about Fixit and he mentions he has read her articles and the comments and she sure knows how to piss people off. She isn't puny. Betty then calls their attention to Rick, who is exploding with gamma radiation. He is screaming about Groom Lake and remembering everything they did to him there. We then see Alpha Flight station where Puck has also tracked Walter's killer to Groom Lake aka Area 51. The station has a device that can teleport them there in an emergency situation and they decide to launch a sneak attack. When they show up they are surrounded though with Fortean gloating about psychic technicians who knew they would come. He taunts that he is going to dissect Samson to find why he has recovered, but a rising BOOM can be heard in the background. Hulk and friends come smashing through the ceiling!
I mentioned in an earlier issue that I wasn't a fan of the proliferation of gamma monsters again rather than just the singular horror of the Hulk. I must say though that this monster mash-up battle next issue is going to be a ton of fun! How capable is Fortean though because he seems decidedly outgunned here as he fights against Hulk, Betty, Rick, Puck, Samson, Titania, and Crusher. Unless he still has some tricks up his sleeve. If Fortean is dealt with in a final manner here it will be interesting to see where this goes next as it has all kind of built up to this crescendo.

In general I have loved this title. I will say thought that I am not much of a fan of the Fixit personality displacing Banner in human form. It makes sense but Banner is barely even present anymore as a character.

And I am not generally a fan of character resurrections but I kind of hope Walter comes back. The mechanism is built into the story after all.

And kudos to Bennett for keeping up the old idea of a singular creative team on a title by turning in consistent quality every month on this book.

Also holy cow McGee actually mentions the events of the current Fantastic Four run featuring the Hulk! It's like these Marvel Comics take place in a shared universe! Thanks editors ;)
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