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Death's Head #1

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Death's Head #1

Post by Magnus » 02 Aug 2019, 05:58

Anyone else pick this up?

Spoiler: show
Death's Head confronts his employer Yondu, asking why Yondu has placed a bounty on him. Yondu says it's because DH has been getting slow and costing him too much money. A shootout breaks out between DH and Yondu's fembots, and they end up pushing DH into an interdimensional trash chute, which deposits him in a dumpster in NYC. DH wakes up later to find he's been used as an amp for a punk band. He reassembles which causes a commotion, and Wiccan and Hulkling happen to be at the concert and rush to stop him. Wiccan casts a spell that sends DH to their apartment bathroom. DH wakes up just as Hulkling goes to bed. Wiccan casts a spell to look at different alternate realities to try and find where DH came from, saying that he's encountered him before. DH wakes up and another fight breaks out, during which Hulkling lifts up the mattress, revealing another Death's Head underneath it...
So, as a Transformers fan, Death's Head has always been a bit of a cult character for me, and seeing that other Transformers-related artists were involved like Roche and Zana had me interested. I liked the first half with Yondu, but not sure how I feel about him hanging around NYC and Wiccan and Hulkling (two characters who are fine, I just don't really care about them). We'll see how it goes but I get the feeling I'm not gonna get as much freelance peacekeeping as I'd like.

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Re: Death's Head #1

Post by Cable » 03 Aug 2019, 17:42

I am kind of the opposite lol. I didn't like the beginning because I don't like when they try to make the MCU Yondu happen in the comics (though at least they acknowledge it is another dimension.) I was then kind of pleasantly surprised to see Wiccan and Hulkling show up. Although I can see your frustration because it actually feels like this is a back-door title for them rather than him! It definitely is not the direction I would have expected this to go in.

I am a fan of the very stylized Zama art, although the colors by Sobreiro I feel are almost too vivid at times
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