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Ironheart #6

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Ironheart #6

Post by Cable » 16 May 2019, 14:23

A team-up issue with Ironheart and Spider-Man
Spoiler: show
The opening scene is Ironheart seeing Spider-Man Miles Morales unconscious in a burning forest and thinking about how caring about people means it hurts to lose them. We then jump back one day earlier to see how we got here. Riri is talking to Ms Marvel about how Miles has left the Champions and hasn't been seen for a couple weeks. Williams recalls once when Miles had promised to her to not leave the team. She makes it her mission to find him. Using cell phone tracking data she pinpoints his last known location in the forest outside the city. She travels there and finds a little cabin; inside Miles Morales is simply cooking some pancakes. He however seems to think only a day has passed rather than two weeks. Riri checks the phone to see the date is indeed two weeks ago and she is confused. She goes to leave but ends up right back in the cabin and meeting Miles all over again. She then realizes she is stuck in a temporal loop and theorizes someone nearby must be trapping them in it. Her solution is to blow a hole through the wall rather than using the door again. This works and they are soon confronted by a villain who says they ruined an experiment he was conducting by observing them. He is interested in space-time portals and could tell Miles Morales was some sort of interdimensional traveler by his quantum signature. The villain then reveals some sort of mass manipulating power as he becomes huge and violent. He also is manipulating portals and uses this to toss them into a burning forest. We are now where we were at the first page. Riri helps Miles up and the two work together to defeat the villain by trapping him between two of his own portals so he is stuck in an infinite loop. Miles and Riri have a talk where they admit they have become friends, though Miles hopes she respects he is not ready to return to the team yet. The nearby portal implodes on itself and the two heroes depart.
Eve Ewing started this series off pretty well as far as establishing a good foundation for Ironheart as a solo hero including a supporting cast and a mysterious villain faction including Midnight's Fire. None of that stuff is in this. Despite that this isn't a bad issue, featuring Riri getting closer to teammate Miles and confronting her fear of losing those she cares about. It is strange to me though that the Natalie AI doesn't play a bigger role in this. When that plot point was introduced earlier I thought it would be significant, but it has almost entirely been brushed off. Despite how slightly creepy it is that an aged version of your dead friend lives in your suit. Next issue shows another team-up, this time with Wasp against some zombies, and I hope we don't stray too far from the elements that Ewing has already introduced at the beginning of the title. We already have Marvel Team-Up and don't need another one.
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