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Magnificent Ms. Marvel #2

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Magnificent Ms. Marvel #2

Post by Cable » 18 Apr 2019, 14:46

Continuing the tale of the Destined One

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So Kamala's parents melt into goo and she is understandably upset about this. Bruno is also freaked out but Kamala says she needs help so he starts analyzing the cellular degradation and says it is the same as the creatures they encountered before. They go to the Circle Q and start looking for clues. Kamala is approached by a fan but angrily dismisses her. Bruno takes this moment to bring up what they saw yesterday and Kamala can't believe he would mention that now. He drops it and she suggests they go back to the waterfront. There he finds some readings to indicate these beings are artificial constructs and her 'parents' that melted were likely the same. She feels guilty because they got kidnapped due to her superheroics, but doesn't have time to dwell on it as she spots a shadowy figure on a rooftop. She confronts him and finds it is Discord. He says that he has made powerful new friends and will pay her back for ruining his life. She is in no mood for this and attacks him but soon realizes he does not know what she is talking about in regards to her missing parents. Bruno picks up a signal in Morristown and he and Kamala quickly leave. They arrive at the airport where Bruno mentions knowing someone who worked there, a cousin of Mike's. Kamala is about to ask about the breakup but they soon are confronted by a huge three-headed monster. Kamala destroys it by going inside and enlarging herself. It melts into goo like the others and then she notices her parents in a nearby storage unit. Some old alien dudes reveal themselves and speak in reverential tones about her as the Sword of Saffa. They say she has shown the Three Qualities of courage, goodness, and brilliance in defeating the monsters and tracking them down. They reveal an ancient tome with her symbol in it and say she is destined to come live on their world or it will die.
So the aliens from the first issue show themselves by requesting Kamala's help in the most assholeish way possible. She will probably still help them because she is like that. I enjoyed seeing Bruno and Kamala team-up to solve the mystery. He does the sciencey stuff and she does the smashing. The aliens should recognize the part he played in it though and take them both!

I wonder if Ahmed is going to redeem Josh. He is still doing bad things but is obviously not much of a bad guy. Another future plot seeded, to pile on with what is going on with Kamala's family secrets (probably not to be revisited until after this offworld arc) and whatever Bruno and Kamala saw before which is going to continuously be annoyingly brought up lol. And now we need to find out next issue why exactly Kamala is the key to this world's survival. This is fun so far.
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