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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5

Post by Cable » 12 Apr 2019, 17:01

Following up on the Aunt May back-up story from the first issue

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Aunt May tells Peter about her breast cancer and asks him to come to her first chemotherapy appointment. He tells her he has a lot going on and she says it is ok. He goes out on the town as Spider-Man and soon finds police in pursuit of a stolen car. An angry Spidey pulls the reckless driver out of the car and breaks his arm. Peter then realizes it is just a scared teenager who was fleeing his home because his mother's boyfriend hurts her. Spider-Man tells the kid, Miguel, to get back in and then Spidey takes the wheel. He actually drives the speed limit with police behind him but then turns into an alley and webslings the whole car above the rooftops. The police lose track of where he went. Spider-Man then wants the kid to seek medical treatment but he has no insurance. Spidey takes him to Dr. Strange who diagnoses the problem and makes a cast while Peter calls social services. Strange questions Spider-Man about the broken arm and Peter admits that he did it and is stressed about Aunt May. Strange says there is nothing he can do with magic, this is something that cannot be avoided but must just be faced. May ends up going to her appointment alone, but finds Peter already there waiting there for her.
This is a story about how real problems in your life should not be avoided but rather faced in the bravest way you can. I would also like to think this is a big "f#$* you" to Joe Quesada.

Aunt May is dying this issue.
Dr. Strange: "It's possible we could make a deal with an interdimensional demon, but you know, that could come with an eternity of torment."

You can't just make deals with demons to undo problems in your characters lives Joe Quesada! You have to deal with real-world issues in a responsible way!

12 years later I'm still salty.

Thanks Tom Taylor and Yildiray Cinar for a good issue.
Though Spider-Man webslinging in a car while sitting in it was ridiculous lol
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