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Daredevil #3

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Daredevil #3

Post by Cable » 28 Mar 2019, 14:10

Daredevil is arrested!
Spoiler: show
Wilson Fisk finishes giving a speech when Wesley informs him Daredevil has been shot. Fisk hurries to the scene; for once he isn't the one orchestrating Daredevil's downfall, and he gets the pleasure of just watching. As for Mr. Murdock, he comes to his senses in time to fight off Detective North and flee on foot. His mobility is limited by his injury but he is able to duck into a store and put on a disguise. Cole North asks some people if they saw Daredevil but they won't tell him anything. However he spots Murdock and sees his costumed feet; Murdock is forced to put the mask on again and run. By this time though the police have boxed him in. He speaks to a couple of the officers by name and references saving people they know. The cops are unwilling to arrest him; North scolds them for not stopping this dangerous vigilante. Daredevil then reveals he actually lifted the cop's gun, and he throws it away. He and North then engage in hand-to-hand combat. Murdock is too weakened from his injuries and he loses and ends up in handcuffs. The NYPD however will not unmask him out in public. Once he is in the car though, all hell breaks loose. Electricity is cut in the area, smoke bombs go off, and gunfire starts raining down from the rooftops. The gunshots are coming from automated turrets and North recognizes someone is breaking Daredevil out of here. Daredevil passes out and as he does he sees someone choke out North. When Murdock wakes up, he is with the Punisher.
This is more decompressed than I would like. It is almost like it was written with cliffhangers in mind:
Issue 2 cliffhanger: Daredevil shot down by police. Issue 3 cliffhanger: Daredevil ends up with the Punisher
There is not enough story in between those two events to justify an entire issue in my opinion. I would rather be a bit further along (also it strains believability that Punisher could set up a trap in such a short period of time. They ended up in this location as the result of a chase). Nonetheless it is clear what Zdarsky is going to do in his first arc, with an examination of vigilantism, which you cannot help but strongly compare to the Daredevil Netflix show's own comparison of Daredevil and Punisher. This run was kind of hyped up to be big, with a whole mini leading into it and spoiler-free solicits etc, and this seems a little conventional. Nonetheless I will keep an open-mind as Zdarsky's dialogue/narration is written well and Checchetto's art is some of the best.
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