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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

Post by Cable » 21 Mar 2019, 18:45

Spider-Man vs the Mayor of New York vs the Mayor of Under York

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Peter Parker recalls as a kid losing his parents but having his aunt and uncle give him a home and make him feel safe again no matter the hardship it caused them. Now he is with Leilani and her children and sees they need help. He makes a phone call to Detective Sebbens and says the police need to come. She goes to her boss and finds he has been told not to pursue this matter. Meanwhile Mayor Hale of Under York has emerged from an elevator and announces to everyone he will destroy the city block by block unless they return his grandchildren. Spider-Man won't allow this so the mayor orders him killed. Spider-Man disarms all the goons but Hale gets some shots in. The Rumor stops Mayor Hale though and is being backed up by the people in the neighborhood. They are not intimidated by him, he has closed himself off for so long that he is irrelevant. Sebbens shows up but so does Mayor Fisk. He says to turn over the children. Spider-Man does not know where they are now. He has many friends who are teleporters and wizards and he asked that the family be made to disappear somewhere safe. He knows no details and they could be on another planet or another dimension or something. He then speaks through the megaphone to the assembled people and says he is glad Fisk stepped up for his city to end this. Fisk at this point tells Hale to go home, who objects that their deal is being broken. Fisk says they will discuss this later and Hale shouldn't start a war he cannot win. Later Pete and Rumor reunite with Torch and Leilani back at the apartment. They do not want to go away somewhere far and so he says some kind of disguises will be worked out. Torch lets Spidey know he has about twenty missed calls from May. He goes home and finds her there waiting for him. There is something she needs to tell him...
So last issue review I was pretty down on this story. And overall I didn't find this plot particularly good as far as it being entertaining (though Spidey winning the day with a total bluff was nice!). But it is clear Taylor wanted to tell a sort of unsubtle allegory about accepting refugees and avoiding isolationism. Those are admirable sentiments but the fantastical nature of it meant you can't really get into much nuance about it (although maybe that is intentional if he wants to do a political story that isn't overly polarizing). Under York unfortunately is not any more fleshed out this issue in regards to who these people really are and where they came from. We just move on, though I assume Marnie will continue to feature in the book and we might learn more about her particularly. I like the neighborhood-Spidey vibe and would like to see a story that is a little more street level as opposed to 13 miles below street level. Of course now we are moving into dealing with Aunt May's sickness so it is about to get real. If we need some humor to cut through the sadness, I hope we get some more Boomerang. There wasn't enough Boomerang in this issue at all.
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