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Captain Marvel # 3

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Captain Marvel # 3

Post by Northstar404 » 20 Mar 2019, 23:13

This was a good issue overall.

A couple of spoilers
Spoiler: show
SOM is Nuclear man’s son, but he’s still on their side he says his father is a monster
Carol’s isn’t happy to find out that Mahkizmo plan is to marry her against her will.
Carol leaves She-Hulk in charge while she, Jess and SOM go scout Nuclear man’s base.
Short after they sneak in an alarm goes Captain Marvel, sends Spider-woman and SOM back to their base to tell everyone that they need to change their plan of attack. Carol stays behind to make sure the other two get away.
Carol tires bait Nuclear man into showing his hand before he’s ready, however, someone punches her through a wall.
The issue ends with the reveal that it was Rogue that ambushed her.

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