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Ironheart #2

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Ironheart #2

Post by Cable » 18 Jan 2019, 14:50

Almost two months later and finally the second issue

Full Spoilers:
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Five years ago Riri was in high school even though she is much younger than her classmates. She can't get her locker open because someone stuck gum in it. A girl named Daija Hamilton comes to her aid. Now present day in Boston some thugs are holding up a convenience store. Ironheart is there to stop them, but soon they reappear outside and open fire with machine guns. Riri freezes up as she recalls the shooting that killed her father and best friend--but her Natalie AI snaps her out of it. She defeats the gunmen and then flies off; the Natalie AI wants to talk about what happened but Riri just wants a damage report on the suit. It turns out there is so much damage she has to take the subway back to her lab. When she gets there she is annoyed to find the Dean is showing men around her lab again, this time people from Alchemax who are potential sponsors. Riri says no photos allowed and Dean Bryant says she has to play by the institution's rules. The Natalie AI deletes the photos from their devices anyway. She then alerts Riri that Daija Hamilton has been reported missing. Riri returns home to watch a movie with Xavier, but looks at news reports on her laptop. Her mother says she heard Daija had an internship with a city councilman. They hear on the tv about young people on a spree stealing electronics, and then a councilman named Thomas Birch says he will make the streets safe and he is running for governor. Xavier says he heard in class that this guy's opponent Jim Clark had personal text messages that were leaked to the press. Mrs Williams then recalls Birch was the councilman Daija interned for. Ironheart ends up going on patrol in Chicago and witnessing a kid steal a phone. He passes it off to a couple other kids before Riri finally catches the thief--a ten year old boy. She then gets jumped by a couple armored ninjas who are superfast and seem to know her weakpoints. They claim the "wellspring of power" flows through them; after playing possum she manages to surprise and defeat them, but they teleport away in a burst of fire. She returns the phone to the owner and then decides to research this wellspring. Elsewhere we see somebody scolding the children who failed to get the phone and saying those who fail get punished, pointing to the nearby Daija Hamilton.
This unfortunately isn't as strong as the first issue. Surprisingly the shocking Natalie revelation at the end of #1 is mostly just brushed off. Then we have this new political subplot opening up and hopefully it is not as transparently straightforward as it looks. There is though clearly a larger plot involving this Wellspring of Power business, not clear though if it relates to the Ten Rings name drop in the previous issue and the insignia she was given. She does not make mention of that here. I guess we will have to wait to see who the mystery villain at the end is before we can get a more complete idea of what is going on.
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