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Marvel Knights #5

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Marvel Knights #5

Post by Cable » 04 Jan 2019, 15:17

The penultimate issue of this new Marvel Knights mini

Full Spoilers:
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T'Challa breaks into Fisk Tower and soon finds himself being overwhelmed by Crossbones, Jigsaw, Taskmaster, and Tombstone. Fortunately a distraction happens when the whole building begins to shake, and then the Marvel Knights arrive to help Black Panther. T'Challa however just starts beating up Punisher. Upstairs Fisk is questioning what is happening and Dr. Doom says the heroes must have found the device and he heads for the roof. Kingpin says they shouldn't be running, they should be stopping them from getting to the machine. Doom says the machine is guarded by a dragon and he has no intention of being around when it wakes. Kingpin questions why Doom doesn't just use the machine to make them forget again but Doom will not explain himself. Fisk ends up attacking Doom over his continual insults and tosses him off the building. Back downstairs T'Challa is battling the Marvel Knights much to their confusion. He questions whether they remember what happened. He was transporting an ornate box when suddenly his car was smashed by a truck. Out of the truck came the Marvel Knights. They are the ones who erased the world.
We now basically have the answer to what is going on: this strange box that mindwiped everyone. However the mystery is not over as we have that great final page. Questions within questions. I can't wait for the final issue to see it all come together. I assume Doom's part in the story is not done. I mean we did not just see Dr Doom get defeated by Wilson Fisk right? That can't be a real thing that happens lol

I wonder why Henrichon returned for art for this one. I am not complaining, I like him more than the last couple artists (though I would like to have seen Foreman do another if I had a choice) but it seems weird there is a different artist for every issue except #2 and #5. I wonder if there was originally supposed to be someone else and for whatever reason they ultimately were unable.
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