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Man Without Fear #1

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Man Without Fear #1

Post by Cable » 03 Jan 2019, 15:22

Who is trying the new Daredevil mini? For those not in the know, Daredevil's most recent ongoing ended with him dying (temporarily). This series explores the aftermath of that from different perspectives. This is the Foggy Nelson issue.

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Foggy visits Matt in the hospital. The impact of the truck plus all the accumulated injuries of Daredevil's career have caused Matt's comatose condition. He now exists in a dream state, where Bullseye is threatening to shoot him and behind the villain Matt can see a zombie-like Daredevil that reeks of fear. But Matt says he was never afraid of Bullseye, and Bullseye pulls the trigger...Foggy is talking about how he always envied Matt Murdock, but never Daredevil. Daredevil was the Man Without Fear, but it wasn't healthy. No matter how badly he was hurt he just kept going...In his dreamstate Matt now sees a Daredevil without skin, existing in total pain, saying he has always been Matt's friend and gave him everything. Matt flees but the zombie-Daredevil also pursues him and demands he acknowledges him. Matt never feared for himself but he did for the people he loved. His friends can all be seen being flung from high wires and Matt tries to save them all but he can't...Foggy Nelson hides from a nurse because he is actually here past visiting hours. He holds his head in his hands and thinks that it all comes back to fear and pain, the things that keep people alive and safe...Matt in his dreamstate is wearing black and being cheered by the Hand. He insists he is free of the Beast but the zombie-Daredevil says Matt fears his own corruption. Matt sees a scene of himself viciously beating a man with his batons; zombie-Daredevil grabs his head and Matt says to do it: Daredevil's neck is snapped...Foggy is telling Matt that fear and pain can be fought but not ignored forever. They aren't just bad, but also good because they trigger the self-preservation instinct...Matt in his dreamstate is in a graveyard and every tombstone has someone he knew with the words "Your Fault." The skinless-Daredevil and the zombie-Daredevil are there. Matt's own self-preservation instinct is fighting him. Zombie-Daredevil says it does not fight Matthew Murdock, it fights Daredevil. Down here Matt is safe and must stay. But skinless-Daredevil begins to fight zombie-Daredevil. It allows Matt to keep going. But still zombie-Daredevil reaches out to grasp him...Foggy says Daredevil can stay dead, but they need Matt Murdock back, and then says goodbye and leaves for the night. On the hospital bed, Matt's arm begins to move.
I really enjoyed this. It is a psychological deep-dive into the world of Daredevil. It is clear Jed MacKay has put some thought into the character. Daredevil is famously The Man Without Fear. This is meant to play up his bravery, but here it is examined as a negative trait. Fear is one-half of what drives your self-preservation instinct; Daredevil's rejection of it has caused an overreliance on the other half of that equation: pain. Ultimately his battle against his own survival impulses has resulted in his death. Well at least physically, as his mind lives on in his broken body. And in this state is the only way Matt Murdock is able to live on, because if he regains his mobility he will be driven to become Daredevil again and Daredevil leads to the inevitable (early) death of Matt Murdock. It will be interesting to see what kind of short-term impact this revelation has on the character (this being ongoing superhero comics there is little chance of a long-term impact, as most characters revert towards a certain mean). It is a thought-provoking issue and I am eager to see what other insights MacKay offers in future issues. Each issue will be having different art, this one was Danilo Beyruth and I thought he did a good job, especially with the ghoulish representation of fear.
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