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Life of Captain Marvel # 5

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Life of Captain Marvel # 5

Post by Northstar404 » 20 Dec 2018, 04:06

The last issue of the Life of Captain Marvel.
Spoiler: show
We open with a Flashback, Carol is flying some kind of fighter jet when Nasa contacts over the radio tell her to slow down. She basically tells them no and says she wants to take the plane a little higher. Soon another Fighter appears this one piloted by a Doctor Walter Lawson, they have a short conversation.

Back in the present Kree tell her Marie that her sentence is death, Carol is about to attack, but her mother stops her since the Kree is still holding Joe Jr. hostage. Kree lady flys off taking Joe with her. Carol and her mother fight the self-replacing drones as they give chase.
When getting to town they see it in flames, Carol thinks that it’s her fault that the place is getting destroyed. Carol and Marie Spilt up to look for Joe Jr.
Carol find Joe first but it’s a trap and Kree Lady attacks they fight it's not long Marie joins the fight.
During the fight, Carol gets hit hard enough that she ends up in orbit. Then we get another flashback of Carol talking to that Walter Lawson nerd. Carol rejoins the fight, however during the battle Marie is fatally wounded. The Kree having completed her mission says that she’s returning to the stars and teleports away I think, although it looks more like she self-destructed or something. Carol is left with her dying mother, Marie asks Carol to take her up. So she picks her mother up and flies off. When they land they talk for a bit Marie gives her pendant to Carol and then dies shortly after.

Later, Carol is on the moon talking to Iron Man about what happened. The Comics end with Carol talking with Louis Lee she gives him a kiss on the cheek and he tells her that she knows where to find him. After that Carol leaves Harpswell.

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