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Champions #27

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Champions #27

Post by Cable » 14 Dec 2018, 17:13

The final issue before they reboot this title
Spoiler: show
The story opens with Nova Knight recalling when he and his sister Wasp were found by Eshu. Through their adventures together they became a family, built a kingdom, and planned to use Nova's power over the crystals to bring order to Weirdworld. Unfortunately they are opposed by the Champions. This does not stop Nova from beheading Prince Crystar in battle. During the fight Ironheart calls to Nova by his name Sam. This only makes him angry and he gets even angrier when Hulk defeats Eshu. Nova begins channeling energy through all the crystals. To stop him Vivid Vessel and Ironheart merge together and are able to dispel the illusions surrounding the characters. She/they tell Sam he is not Nova anymore and he has to let it go. He says without it he is nothing, but Ironheart convinces him that a hero is more than just powers and they need him. Sam drops his sword and ends the fantasy. The Crystal warriors assure him that Crystar can be reassembled. Master of the World unfortunately fled but will be lost in Weirdworld. Man-Thing takes the Champions home. We see Sam reunite with his family in Arizona. Back at Champions headquarters Riri asks if Miles is leaving the team, as back in Weirdworld he expressed wanting to be a loner. He says he isn't going anywhere though. Viv then approaches Riri to discuss the moment they merged: she kisses Ironheart but gets rejected. Ms Marvel then approaches the team about playing Mansions & Manticores role-playing game together. While they are doing this they do not notice an Ultron drone merging with Sparky and taking control of him.
This was a fun alternate world set-up and I actually would not have minded spending time in it more. I thought Zub could have gotten more in depth as to the Master being a stand-in for Sam's father. I am a fan of Nova Sam so I liked the focus on him here but his depowering bums me out. Next issue cover though suggests he will continue to be featured in the book so there is some story potential in the idea. Also do I spot Prodigy? I would love for him to become a regular cast member. The roster is getting large though so swap out one of the character's who already has a book of their own like Ms Marvel, Wasp, or Ironheart. Although preferably not the latter as I like this development between her and Viv.
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