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Black Panther #7

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Black Panther #7

Post by Cable » 13 Dec 2018, 17:11

Who has stuck with this story of Black Panther in space?
Spoiler: show
We open with a scene in which N'Jadaka is discussing his precocious daughter with his love Nareema. He then invites his daughter to see his work up close at the fortress tomorrow; the girl, Zenzi, agrees. Elsewhere on a pleasure ship in space a man begins to seduce a Teku-Maza woman by telling her how very important he is. Unknowingly to him he is being monitored by a nearby vessel that has been cloaked using a piece of the M'Kraan crystal. Onboard are M'Baku and T'Challa. They attack the pleasure ship and the man they are after heads for a private escape shuttle. M'Baku wants to send an assault team in to capture him before he can escape but T'Challa says to wait. The alien woman then knocks the guy out--she is really Nakia in disguise. It turns out that this man they have captured is Kofi, chief technologist who is in charge of maintenance of the Imperial Archive. This is the source of all knowledge that has been stripped from the people the Empire has conquered. They will mine Kofi's brain and then find a way to avenge the victims whose lives have been stolen by the Empire. Meanwhile we see N'Jadaka with Zenzi and he is being informed about the missing technologist. Kofi was also in charge of monitoring Manifold and they are seeing peculiar anomalies in his brain readings. N'Jadaka says he seems to be performing marvelously, as they watch Manifold brutally dispatch foes in a fighting pit.
Coates continues to write a decompressed plot that makes Bendis look like 1960s Stan Lee busting out single issue stories every month. But he is getting the chance to worldbuild and taking full advantage (and taking full advantage of great artistic collaborators, Kev Walker now on duty). The good thing is we are in the latter half of the story now and things will have to accelerate. They have gained the means to recover their identities. It has become clear that this is our T'Challa but he went through a wormhole into this other galaxy. I wonder if part of the reason for this story is to introduce a Nakia that will mirror the movie portrayal. 616 Nakia is nuts and a villain but if this new version returns with T'Challa then that problem is solved.
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