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Spectacular Spider-Man #311

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Spectacular Spider-Man #311

Post by Cable » 19 Oct 2018, 16:19

This is a Spider-Geddon tie-in

Full Spoilers:
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Morlun immediately steals a plane and travels to New York City to go find Peter Parker and finally have his revenge. Spider-Man has just foiled a bank robbery and as the sun is rising realizes he is only going to get a couple hours of sleep. Except then Morlun finds him and he is getting no sleep. They engage in battle and Peter realizes he is in trouble and needs help. He doesn't want to lead Morlun back to where he lives so Pete calls J Jonah Jameson and tells him to go to his home and find the interdimensional communication device. Jameson goes to the apartment but it is a mess and he is having trouble finding it, while Parker is barely surviving his fight. Jonah does eventually manage to locate it and bring it to an exhausted Petey in Central Park, but Morlun grabs Parker and crushes the device!
Frigeri returns for the art but for the tie-in we have new writer Sean Ryan. There are two opposite ideas you can have about this issue: a) it is one long fight-scene filler, b) in the Inheritors vs Spider-Verse, Morlun vs Peter Parker is the main event and this is giving it all the space it deserves. I am somewhere in-between these two poles. This is a fight worth seeing though I can't really judge how good this tie-in is until I see what part Jameson is ultimately playing and how Spidey is going to win. Ryan does do a good job of creating that classic Parker feeling of him being totally in over his head and going to really need to overcome all odds to win (he does win right? RIGHT?!) It is kind of weird if you read Spider-Geddon #1 and then this though because it suggests Morlun and his siblings are confronting the Spider-Heroes, only for Morlun to just turn and walk right out of the room :lol:
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Re: Spectacular Spider-Man #311

Post by Blackcyclops » 19 Oct 2018, 16:39

I actually love that aspect of it lol...

Because it gives this story it’s own space so it allows all the fan-faves to have their own story.
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