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Daredevil #606

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Daredevil #606

Post by Cable » 09 Aug 2018, 14:05

Guest-starring an X-Men character

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Hammerhead and his men are robbing a bank when Daredevil shows up to stop them. It turns out to be a trick though as the villain has his men take hostages and then is going to kill them while it is streamed online to show how people the costumed heroes can't be counted on to save them. We then see a flashback to earlier, when Daredevil was recruiting Frank McGee to help him investigate and take down Mayor Fisk. McGee agrees to put together a team. They meet back up later at an old library and the other members of the crew are Cypher and Reader. Daredevil then gets the call of a robbery and we resume where we left off. One of the hostages tries to break free and this distraction is all Daredevil needs to take down the bad guys. The online stream instead catches him saying the heroes will always protect people but they need to protect themselves as well and everyone can be a hero. Later Daredevil is thinking back on this and how people almost got hurt because he was too focused on Fisk and not the other threats; he decides he needs to not just be reactive but figure out what these villains will do ahead of time. And that means bringing back an old friend...At the Bar with No Name we see what looks like Matt Murdoch, but he introduces himself as Matt's twin brother Mike. Mike makes a toast to what a bastard his brother is and everyone cheers, but then he starts a big brawl by hitting on a guy's wife. Daredevil shows up and says the Hulk is coming, causing all the villains to flee. Mike Murdoch then introduces himself to Daredevil.
Very cool that the Weapon Lost crew is going to carry over into this title and help take down Kingpin! (Minus Misty as she and Frank agreed to go their separate ways, but adding Reader. Which is good because Frank and Reader are two of the only Inhumans I want to see survive the extermination they are going through). The ending cliffhanger is just silly though: are we actually to believe the fake Mike persona from years ago is a real twin brother? It is just Blindspot or someone in the Daredevil suit again isn't it?

Phil Noto starts on art this arc and I feel he is a real good fit for the book.
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Re: Daredevil #606

Post by Blackcyclops » 09 Aug 2018, 14:34

He is a perfect fit here...him and Marcos Martin are far and away (with Paolo Riveria) my favorite artist at Marvel, so to see him on DD is dope
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