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Iron Man 2 *SPOILERS*

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Crutey Anth
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Iron Man 2 *SPOILERS*

Post by Crutey Anth » 18 Jul 2018, 19:09

I'm really enjoying Slott's run so far! He's doing great on Iron Man like he did on Spider-Man, Silver Surfer....and the Initiative (mentioned for reasons in a second).

There's a discussion of the ethics of using AI in the Iron Man suits (I have wanted a Robo-rights storyline for a while. So Jocasta as head of robo ethics is great!)
Tony and Rhodey are off on a mission to fight some tech stolen from Iron Man
Rhodey however has some PTSD issues from the amount of times he's died in the suit (which totally makes sense! So manny heroes should have mental health issues given their lives) so freaks out...and ends up fling the mech/tank/plane instead (the one they went to fight) which Tony just bought....I really like when they come up with a novel/interesting way to end the fights.

Gauntlet from the Initiative turns up working as a highered gun/security for the tech company (nice to see him back)
Machine Man is also now dating Jocasta (in a new body?) so looks like he'll be involved too

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Re: Iron Man 2 *SPOILERS*

Post by grief » 21 Jul 2018, 21:24

Slott has done more world-building in 2 issues than a lot of authors do in 12 issues and I love it. Seeing the Gauntlet again made me so happy in a way that, I believe, only comic geeks can experience. Good developments with Rhodey and Jocasta, good acknowledgment of recent changes (the inclusion of Tony's mom), and this is fun and good looking and yeah, I'm down. I was really skeptical about this book, as I tend to dislike Iron Man books, but I'm digging this.
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