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Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #21

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Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #21

Post by Cable » 06 Jul 2018, 14:07

An X-Men villain faces off against Scarlet Spider!
Spoiler: show
Ben engages in a running battle with Sauron while trying to get Dr. Sanders to safety. Meanwhile downtown Billy is controlling the Mindless One and having it attack police. Kaine is trying to get the boy away from it and he is assisted in this by a woman who stabs the monster through with an electrified spear. She says her name is Nakano but doesn't answer any more questions other than to say she will be taking the Mindless One. the police object but she shows them a card and they back down. Kaine uses invisibility to track her. Back to Ben, who gets electrified himself and almost killed bu Sauron until Sanders jumps in at the last moment to take the blow. Ben throws a gas tank in Sauron's mouth and then gets Sanders out as the building explodes. With his dying breaths Sanders reveals he was a spy for the Diogenes Initiative and his boss can cure Abigail; he also mutters the address. Nearby the firefighters pull a still alive Karl Lykos from the wreckage. Over on the outskirts of town Kaine has hitched a ride on the armored vehicle Nakano is driving; she enters the garage of a residential home. Suddenly, the whole house retracts into the ground.
Both the Scarlet Spiders engage in battles in this so it is basically a fight issue. This is ok for three reasons: A) Sliney is doing the art and Sliney is great, B) Ben is fighting Sauron and a Sauron appearance is always welcome, C) Both fights serve the purpose of getting the respective Spideys to Diogenes. David is just about ready to show the hand he has been preparing for basically this whole run. I am glad both Ben Reilly and the Superior Scarlet Spider Kaine are going to be involved. I have faith PAD is going to give us some interesting reveals.
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