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Avengers #4

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Avengers #4

Post by Cable » 05 Jul 2018, 14:16

All of the tools are being assembled for the final battle
Spoiler: show
Odin is remembering the times he and the prehistoric Avengers saved Midgard. Now Thor is here demanding secrets that will allow him and his allies to defeat Celestials. Odin does show them a door with something behind it he says it could end the world just as much as save it. She-Hulk smashes through the door and her and Thor begin to make their way through a passage of terribly cold ice. Meanwhile in Greece Iron Man and Dr. Strange find that the Eternals are all dead, having either killed each other or committed suicide. They find Ikaris clinging to life and he mutters about it all being a lie: Eternals were not to protect humanity, they were to cultivate them as a pathogen. He then says only the Unimind can stop the Final Host and with a touch begins to do something painful to Stark. Up in Alpha Flight station Captain Marvel and Black Panther are talking about the need to exterminate the Horde of insect creatures that are erupting from Earth and the Dark Celestials. She prepares to do something dangerous that she jokes could turn her into a giant cockroach herself. Down on the North Pole Loki tells Captain America the stories of the Celestials tampering with life a million or five million years ago are a lie. The Alpha Celestial came to Earth 4 billion years ago and it came to die. And the Final Host has come to destroy the diseased planet. People were just a grand mistake. We then see Ghost Rider has found the Dark Celestials and is approaching them himself. Stark and Strange are also on their way though. Thor and Hulk retrieve their item, but Thor almost succumbs to the cold and has to be saved by a warming kiss from She-Hulk. Odin only looks on in sadness as he recalls how the prehistoric Avengers were destroyed...
I am torn on this story. The parts in the present I think are fantastic. It is a Hickman-like epic story. The parts in the past though I just find kind of silly. I am not into the idea of Avengers existing 1 million years ago. It unfortunately for me pulls it down from what could have been in my opinion a great story (and even better if it pulled in some more cosmic elements, but then they would probably balloon it into an event rather than just a good comic run). I am still enjoying it though. The big revelations Loki is showing are great and I am curious to see what Thor has acquired. Also I wonder how long Ghost Rider will fight the Celestials by himself before being killed. I am guessing 3 minutes tops.
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Re: Avengers #4

Post by Anna Raven » 05 Jul 2018, 16:39

I enjoyed the kiss. :D
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Re: Avengers #4

Post by Blackcyclops » 05 Jul 2018, 18:57

I really like this...but I also like the Ancient Avengers...feels ridiculous enough to be from the Golden age
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