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Champions #20

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Champions #20

Post by Cable » 24 May 2018, 18:35

A certain Canadian-themed team just might show up in this one...

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The previous night Amka meets a divine being named Sila locked in a containment field. Amka tries to free her but is attacked by drones. Amka fights back but an explosion ends up happening and she is mortally wounded. Sila however hugs her and says she will not die. Cut to the present, where Nova is the one dying as everyone is overwhelmed by the drones. Fortunately for them the owner of the drones shows up to see what is going on: it is Master of the World! He says he can save Nova's life; he did not intend for the boy to be killed, but his work here is too important to not have defenses. He shows them his operation in which he is restoring arctic sea ice to combat climate change. They question this as Master of the World has a history of...well..trying to be master of the world. He says he can't rule the world if it is destroyed so he must save it first. He has waited thousands of years and can wait a few hundred more. And his machines do indeed begin healing Nova from his terrible wound. The team is very uncertain about all of this, since he is an evil guy but doing good, and then to complicate things a bunch of Inuit protesters show up outside the gates to demand he stop building on their lands. They want the Champions to help them. The boy Pilip is among them and explains how Amka snuck in and never returned; Master of the World says she is not there and they all need to stop quibbling while he is trying to save the world. Spider-Man decides to sneak around and see what he can find. As this is happening suddenly Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight show up and are greeted by the Master.
This issue is kind of fun as we see someone who appears to be doing good but who might have ulterior motives and the Champions grappling with how to handle it, and the situation being complicated further by a competing group with a claim to justice. I imagine things will become much simpler soon but for a bit it was a nicely complex set-up. Next issue is what I want to see though, as Alpha Flight makes their entrance at the end here. It will be interesting to see what Snowbird thinks of the situation and the events of the night prior.

The art by Isaakse (and colorist Menyz) is really growing on me. There were several panels here that were very nicely done.
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