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Dr. Strange #26

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Dr. Strange #26

Post by Cable » 20 Oct 2017, 14:15

The final issue before the Legacy renumbering begins next issue with Dr. Strange #381

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Three mages eons ago are fleeing through dark tunnels from some dark entity with a loudly beating heart. They find they cannot get out and accept their grim fate. In the present Dr. Strange and Zelma Stanton are walking through old subway tunnels on the hunt for magical artifacts. Strange breaks through a wall to get to an ancient temple and soon the loudly beating heart can be heard. They end up being attacked by a zombie version of the three explorers seen at the beginning. The creatures do not like light and Zelma and Strange are able to run away for a moment. He recognizes them as legendary figures called the Thaumaturge Trivium and suspects they are victims of possession though they were thought to be uncorruptible. While he and his apprentice could escape, he sees the opportunity for a teachable moment and engages in battle again. She tries to recite spells out of a book to help him. He manages to destroy the zombies but this unleashes some foul essence that then possesses him. Zombie Strange now begins attacking Zelma while she tries to fend him off with a sword. Inside of Strange however is an internal battle; he finds this creature excels at corrupting pure souls, but his is now far from that. He instead overwhelms and eliminates the entity himself, and they see the souls of the three mages depart in peace. After this battle Strange then suggests they head for the surface, but Zelma insists that they continue on to find what they can.
A fine enough standalone tale but ultimately not much of substance. It is good that this title is getting a reboot of sorts as we know next issue begins the Legacy arc and Loki will be showing up to do some magic of his own. Since Aaron finished his epic run the book has felt a bit listless. I mean obviously Hopeless had to do the event tie-in, but then it is like Barber just had to plug in a couple scripts before the Legacy launch. Hopefully now we can get to figuring out exactly what the new 'identity' of this title will be so to speak.

Niko Henrichon did the art (lines and colors both) and did a nice job; it was appropriately "scratchy" for a horror story in the dark, though I'm not sure I would want that look for every issue.
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